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Shockingly “Giant” Alligator Is Captured Near Disney World

disney alligators

Many Walt Disney World Resort fans already know perfectly well that Disney means business when it comes to no-swimming zones — and there are plenty of signs warning Disney World visitors about the dangers in those forbidden waters, even if some people are still too reckless to heed their warnings. Central Florida waters (like those inevitably found in Disney World) ...

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Too Much Wilderness? Bear Roams Through Disney Campsite

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort, most Disney Guests’ and theme park Guests’ focus is on the Disney magic. However, because Disney World is located in the real world — and in Florida specifically — there is also another kind of magic in the air: the magic of nature! There are incredible forms of wildlife throughout Florida (not ...

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Cast Members Share ‘Snake’ Stories From Disney World


Many Disney Guests will be familiar with the reptiles and amphibians that can be spotted on a Walt Disney World Resort vacation — but sometimes less common varieties of lizards, snakes, or even alligators are spotted amidst all of the Disney magic, and one Walt Disney World Resort Guest recently spotted an intriguing creature while enjoying some Disney golf! Many ...

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Another Gator Spotted in Disney World Resort Area

alligator Disney World

Once again, Guests of the Walt Disney World Resort are reminded that they are vacationing in the middle of Florida. It appears that another alligator was spotted by Guests in one of Disney World’s waterways. The past few times we at Disney Fanatic have reported Gator sightings, it has been inside one of the Theme Parks. But this time, the ...

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