Cast Members Share ‘Snake’ Stories From Disney World

Snakes often appear in Walt Disney World Resort theme parks!

Many Disney Guests will be familiar with the reptiles and amphibians that can be spotted on a Walt Disney World Resort vacation — but sometimes less common varieties of lizards, snakes, or even alligators are spotted amidst all of the Disney magic, and one Walt Disney World Resort Guest recently spotted an intriguing creature while enjoying some Disney golf!

Many Walt Disney World Resort Guests are focused on the roller coasters, restaurants, and attractions to be found within Disney Parks — but some Florida residents and Disney World Guests are actually golf enthusiasts who find Disney golf courses to be the real draw!

Golf courses are known for attracting reptiles like alligators due to the water features that they typically include, whether or not they are on Disney World property, and a golfer who was enjoying Fantasia Gardens Golf just spotted something smaller than an alligator but no less eye-catching.

Spotted a snake under a bridge while playing the Fantasia Gardens Golf at Disney World,” the Twitter user called “Just Theme Parks” wrote on social media. “Can anyone identify what type of snake this is as we’d be interested to know?” 

Take a look at the snake in the Tweet shown above! Upon first glance, this might look like a water moccasin — and while the water moccasin variety of snakes is indeed venomous, it (like many snakes) will not be a cause for concern if it is left alone to go on its merry way.

Some people also surmised that the snake in question was actually a banded water snake instead of a water moccasin — or even a viper — but in the course of the discussion, some former Disney Cast Members also stepped forward and brought up their own experiences with snakes on Disney property!

“I worked at animal kingdom and we had a snake slide in and head right into a wall of stuffed characters,” one former Animal Kingdom Cast Member wrote. “Shut down the store and tore apart the display til they located him.”

“I worked Disney Security, 1977-2016, I was over near the Haunted Mansion, saw a huge crowd near the wall for the keelboats. Thinking of a injured guests, saw Mansion member, he pointed to a 12 inch water snake. I bent over grabbed the back of head, tossed it into the water,” another former Magic Kingdom Cast Member said.

We have already seen Cast Members handling snakes and alligators in Disney Parks like the Magic Kingdom recently, so it is not surprising to hear that Cast Members have sometimes had to get closer to reptiles or amphibians than they would like! If your job sometimes involved handling snakes, would you be up for the task?

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