PHOTO: Snake Spotted at Walt Disney World

snake walt disney world

In a terrifying turn of events, a snake was spotted at a Park in Walt Disney World Resort earlier today.

Walt Disney World Resort is known for being the ultimate Disney vacation spot. Guests flock to the Theme Park from all over the world to get their fix of the Disney magic and that quintessential Disney experience. But every once in a while, it’s not only people who pay a visit to the famous Disney Parks.


EPCOT Beacon of Magic/Disney

In this case, Disney Guest and Reddit user u/_mommy2benton took to the platform to share a photo of a Black Racer that had made its way into EPCOT and was slithering along with the other Guests.

Check it out:

Snake at Epcot from WaltDisneyWorld

The Reddit thread was filled with people who found a lot of humor in the situation, more so than anything else. The original poster themselves added,

“We thought he took a wrong turn going to Animal Kingdom.”

u/Yakballz took the joke one step further, asking, “What is the Genie+ wait time for that ride?”

The OP responded, “part of the thrill is not knowing when it’s your turn. You just happen upon it.”

Another user, u/_marlasinger even added their experience with a snake at a Disney Resort:

There was a snake outside my door while I was at art of animation last year. Felt trapped in that room lol.

While the situation is most definitely a scary one, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking at, in this case, it’s good to remember that the Black Racer is actually a nonvenomous snake. Provided Guests leave it alone, it will likely not hurt any people in turn.

Mickey and Friends, EPCOT, Walt Disney World/Disney

Mickey and Friends, EPCOT, Walt Disney World/Disney

This is by no means the first time a reptile has found its way into Walt Disney World. In fact, alligators have been spotted on more than one occasion at the Theme Parks, and there are even signs warning people that snakes and alligators can be spotted in the area. Earlier this year, we at Disney Fanatic reported on an alligator that made its way into the Magic Kingdom and yet another one that had to be fought out of Splash Mountain.

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Warning Sign at Disney World/Disney Fanatic

Warning Sign at Disney World/Disney Fanatic

Disney World is located right in the Central Florida countryside, and where there is water, there is bound to be an abundance of life, from mosquitoes and tadpoles to gators and snakes. Disney has even built fences and put up signs to warn people of the possibility of spotting these animals with instructions on what (not) to do.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update readers on the latest Disney news.

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