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Disney Has Been Granted Subpoenas Against Google and Reddit. Here’s Why

disney quantumania leak

The Walt Disney Company takes infringements seriously, that much is clear. And certain recent happenings are serving as proof that one should think very carefully before going up against the entertainment giant (and then preferably not do it). In news that might surprise many Disney fans, it has recently been revealed that the Walt Disney Company has been granted subpoenas ...

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OpEd: Disney Should Retheme Animal Kingdom Show After ‘Ant-Man’

ant-man ride disney world

In the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, there is an attraction that could use a retheme in this reporter’s opinion. “It’s Tough to be a Bug” is a 4D movie experience inside the Tree of Life in which Guests are taken into the world of Pixar Animation Studios’ feature film, A Bug’s Life. Featuring several characters, the attraction takes ...

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Marvel Actress Under Fire for Supporting Canadian Freedom Convoy

Evangeline Lilly

Earlier this week, Actress Evangeline Lilly took to social media defending the truckers and citizens participating in the Freedom Convoys in Ottawa, Ontario, and other parts of Canada to end all Covid-related restrictions such as mask mandates and even requiring vaccine passports to travel from province to province. Now, rumors appear to be circulating that Lilly could be getting the ...

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