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Backlash Against ‘The Little Mermaid’ from Overseas Exposes Hollywood’s Dependency

china little mermaid backlash

Global markets are some of the most important ones for Hollywood, especially for the Walt Disney Company. Catering to those markets is something Hollywood studios have been working on for a while now, and none more than Disney. Take the example of China, Disney’s relationship with China and Disney CEO Bob Iger’s relationship with the CCP is one of the ...

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‘The Little Mermaid’ Poised to be Disney’s Worst Opening in One Market

little mermaid china opening

Audiences around the globe are on the edge of their seats waiting for the theatrical release of Disney’s The Little Mermaid live-action remake. In fact, the Mouse House faced much criticism from fans for its “wokeness” in casting Black singer-songwriter and actress Halle Bailey in the role of Princess Ariel. Along with this, many have been unsure if the film will live ...

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Disney Shareholders Vote Down Audit on China Relationship

Disney China Relationship

Shareholders of The Walt Disney Company have once again put forward a proposal to demand CEO Bob Iger and the rest of the Board of Directors be honest about their dealing with the Chinese Communist Party. We at Disney Fanatic first shared this proposal when the Company distributed the Notice of Proxy Statement. During The Walt Disney Company’s Annual Meeting ...

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Mr. Iger, Congress Would Like a Word With You

Congress to Interview Bob Iger

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has had a busy couple of weeks. He began his “bloodbath” layoffs at the Disney Company by cutting several positions in television, the entire meta division, and several of his rivals. He has used these layoffs to purge Disney of seemingly everyone and every idea former CEO Bob Chapek had while in charge of ...

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Disney Cuts Hundreds of Jobs in China

Disney Layoffs China

The Walt Disney Company is not limiting its job-cutting measures to its employees in the United States. Related: Multiple Executives Lose Jobs as Layoffs Begin at Disney The latest round of layoffs appears to come from China, where over 300 Beijing-based employees connected to Disney’s streaming services were laid off. According to The Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter said ...

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China Market is Softening on Iger and Disney

Congress to Interview Bob Iger

When Bob Iger returned as CEO, it was widely believed that his return would warm the relationship between Disney and China that had soured under his predecessor, former CEO Bob Chapek. A mere two days after Iger’s return, Disney’s Avatar: The Way of Water (2023) received permission from the Chinese government to be released in the Communist nation. Avatar even received ...

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Bob Chapek’s Exit Might Be Showing Up for Disney in a Big Way

iger return marvel

Something that Disney hasn’t managed for four years has finally happened again, and it could mean some good news for the Walt Disney Company. The past year has not been the easiest for the Walt Disney Company. When the final numbers for 2022 came to, it was revealed that the entertainment and media giant lost $120 billion. Many fans were ...

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‘Black Panther 2’ Likely to Get Banned by China, Fans Tell Disney to Stop Pandering

Black Panther 2 China Ban

It looks like another Disney-backed blockbuster is going to be facing at least one ban in a major market. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Hollywood’s two biggest superhero movies of late 2022 — Disney’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Warner Bros.’ Dwayne Johnson tentpole Black Adam — are expected to be blocked from release in China, as Beijing regulators continue to crack ...

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