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OpEd: Other Princesses Evolved, But Cinderella Stayed Behind


Lots of Disney princesses have been getting modern makeovers in recent years, particularly with live-action adaptations of their classic movies, but as a Disney princess fan I’ve noticed that not all Disney princesses are shifting with the times. Both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are receiving the live-action treatment (with Sleeping Beauty’s live-action Maleficent movies already released and Snow White’s ...

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Will Cinderella’s Lily James Be Back for Downton Abbey 2?

Viewers were delighted with the English actress Lily James and her performance in the 2015 live-action Cinderella opposite a very charming Richard Madden; her innocent open nature, kind heart, and gorgeous dresses all solidified her standing as a wonderful Disney princess. However, many audience members also already knew her as the lovestruck Lady Rose on the hit period drama Downton ...

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12 Phenomenal Facts About Disney’s New Cinderella Dress and Slippers

Lily James as Cinderella, arriving at the ball in her carriage and ballgown

It’s been called dreamy, pure confection. gorgeous, statement-making, stunning, swoon-worthy. Seated in the darkened theater watching the new release of the Disney live-action Cinderella, we were on the edge of our seats as we finally heard that long awaited phrase from Cinderella’s fairy godmother (played by Helena Bonham Carter) “Bibbity Bobbity Boo”! As Cinderella, played by Lily James, swirled and ...

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