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12 Phenomenal Facts About Disney’s New Cinderella Dress and Slippers

Lily James as Cinderella, arriving at the ball in her carriage and ballgown

It’s been called dreamy, pure confection. gorgeous, statement-making, stunning, swoon-worthy. Seated in the darkened theater watching the new release of the Disney live-action Cinderella, we were on the edge of our seats as we finally heard that long awaited phrase from Cinderella’s fairy godmother (played by Helena Bonham Carter) “Bibbity Bobbity Boo”! As Cinderella, played by Lily James, swirled and ...

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19 Impressive Facts About Cinderella’s Castle At Disney World

Castle Perspective

Castles, real or fictional, have always proved to be a fascination, evoking history with all its’ havoc, mystery, and romance. From the castles of Versailles and Fontainbleau, the chateaux of Chambord and Chaumont, and even the Tyn Church in Prague, Herbert Ryman chief designer, found his inspiration to design the Cinderella Castle of WDW. The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland, ...

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14 Amazing Steps To The The Birth Of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Some of us grew up with Mickey Mouse in the days of black and white TV, and then watched in color and advanced animation. He is still just as endearing as he was in his infancy. Fame doesn’t seem to have turned his head, even though he has become a billionaire entrepreneur and famous celebrity! He has stayed true to ...

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The 5 Voices Behind the Billion Dollar Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney recording the voice of Mickey Mouse, with Clarence “Ducky” Nash doing the voice of Donald Duck.

6. Mickey’s First Words Have you ever wondered who was that famous little falsetto voice we know as Mickey Mouse? That honor has gone to only a few gentlemen over 8 decades beginning with the founder of The Walt Disney Company, Walt himself. The voice of any person or especially a character animation is of paramount importance because it is ...

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10 Things Not to Do On A Disney Vacation

Main St. USA

Your Disney vacation can be wonderful or… not so wonderful depending on your planning or lack thereof. We’ve pulled together a list of a few things you should not do on your Disney vacation. 10. Do not fail to research and plan ahead. Disney is not a day at the beach. It takes some level of forethought and planning. Do ...

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5 Things You Should Know About Disney’s Billion Dollar Lunch

Billion Dollar Lunch

Once upon a time, at the Hidden City Cafe in Point Richmond, CA, several Walt Disney animators and producers met to have lunch. When Disney creative-types get together for a meal there is friendship, laughter, and creativity galore. If you’re a career individual, you know how nice it is to get out of the office to brainstorm business tactics, ideas ...

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Amazing Facts Behind Hidden Mickeys at Disney World

Hidden Mickeys _ Disney World

In case you didn’t know, Disney World has hidden Mickey Mouse silhouettes all around Disney Parks and Resorts. You may notice one in the design of a carpet in the hallways of The Yacht Club Resort, or see a cleverly Mickey inspired coiled rope on the ferry boat docks outside Magic Kingdom. These little details are all part of the ...

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Disney Has Been Keeping A Secret Known As ‘A113′ – What is it?


Exploring facts about all things Disney leads to intriguing discoveries. Disney Fanatics are kin to FBI agents on the trail of secrets yet to be discovered. Club 33, Hidden Mickeys, Disney alerts and codes are only a few of the fan finds. Now there is the secret “A113” to add to their ever growing list. WHAT IS “A113”? Animators who ...

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