Disney Secret Codes – What are they and what do they mean?

At Disney, all things must be magical even when something less than magical is happening. Difficulties and guest problems frequently occur and must be addressed with the finesse of a Prince Charming. Here are some of the Disney codes that have been used over the years by Cast Members. Let’s speak Disney!

1. “White Powder Alert, White Powder Alert in area of Space Mountain!”

This is the Cast Member code phrase when a guest attempts to spread the ashes of their dearly departed while on the ride at Space Mountain. Thinking nobody will see them open a bag and dump the cremated family Disney fan in his favorite ride at the park, they are badly mistaken. Cameras are positioned many places in the Parks, on rides, and at attractions in order to safeguard guests. So, it is likely a “burial” will be caught on camera.

Since spreading ashes is absolutely illegal, this causes big problems for the operation of the area and is disruptive to paying guests. Certain steps must then be put in motion. First, the attraction is closed and very unhappy guests are evacuated. Then Cast Members in protective clothing must now vacuum, yes, vacuum the dearly departed’s ashes! Now, if this illegal act goes unobserved, the same outcome takes place. The night crew will vacuum, sweeping up any ashes in their routine cleaning. Then the final desecration occurs. The vacuumed particles, ashes and all, will end up in the landfill. Hopefully Disney guests will think twice when considering dumping a loved one’s ashes anywhere on Disney property.

Notice: You can be born at WDW. You can receive a proposal and be married at WDW. You can even die at WDW. But you may not be buried there.

2. “Code V in Dumbo The Flying Elephant”

This is definitely NOT a Cast Members favorite code. With all the different foods, drinks, desserts, mixed with twists and turns of rides, and add a touch of heat, Park guests are likely to spot someone over in the bushes losing lunch. A Vomit alert (or protein spill) calls some lucky Cast Member to clean up ASAP. Of course, it is done with proper Mickey etiquette and a smile!

3. “Code 101” and “Code 102”

You will never hear, “Splash Mountain is now closed due to mechanical failure.” Nor will you hear, “Splash Mountain is now open.” One would cause great disappointment, and the other would cause a stampede. Instead of using words like “down” or “broken”, a code “101” means a certain ride is down. Likewise, when a ride is up and running again code “102” is communicated between Cast Members. When speaking directly to guests, Cast Members are trained to say that a ride is “temporarily unavailable”. It has been reported that “101” used to be the highway that ran north of the newly opened Disneyland. (Now Interstate 5) The joke was that if a code “101” was called, it meant the guests could “hit the road”.

4. “Signal 70” means there is a lost parent… kids are never referred to as “lost” to keep them from panicking

5. “Signal 25” indicates a fire

6. Disney Fan “Code Speak” The following are some of the commonly used abbreviations for you to add to your own Disney code language (although not authorized by WDW). Keeping in mind that all of WDW Resort is treated as the unfolding of a drama, you will understand some of the Disney Speak.

Guest – any guest in any part of the WDW Resort

Cast Member – all individuals working for Disney

Costume – what a CM wears to work

Show – Everything that is going on around you onstage

Role – all Cast Member jobs

Onstage – all of WDW the guest can see

Backstage – all of WDW the guest cannot see

Green Room – the restroom

Dark Ride – an indoor ride

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7. “The Kiss Goodnight”

This special code is sometimes experienced by late night guests who linger in the Magic Kingdom 30 minutes after the Park has closed. This polite reminder to “please leave the Park” consists of the recorded Magic Kingdom dedication speech with the special lighting effects playing on the Castle. After “When You Wish Upon A Star” is played, you know you have received your “Goodnight Kiss” and it’s time to quickly make your way to the exit! Classic Disney!

Part of Disney’s beauty is in the details and these little code phrases only add to the magical experience we all enjoy. Where else would you ever hear employees of a theme park called “Cast Members” and guests referred to as “Audience?” It just goes to show you that Disney is magical to the core!

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