When Money is No Object – 14 Of The Most Expensive Gifts Disney Has to Offer

Expensive Shopping
Expensive Shopping
Expensive Shopping

Diamond Mickey Heart Necklace & Earrings and Cinderella Castle Sculpture

Any visit to Disney isn’t complete without a little shopping. Most of us go to the usual emporiums or the Downtown Disney Store to get that awesome coffee mug, cool t-shirt or frothy Disney princess dress. But have you ever wondered what Disney has to offer its’ more affluent guests? Well, hold on to your hat and your pocket book because we’re ready to tempt you with 14 over-the-top gifts and souvenirs that will make your credit card cry!


The “Disney Dream Collection” is exclusively created for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. The jewelry items listed below are set with diamonds guaranteed to be no less that G-H in color and SI-1 in quality. Many items come in your choice of white, yellow, or rose gold.

For Women

14. DIAMOND AND 14K EAR HAT MICKEY MOUSE NECKLACE: This molded Ear Hat pendant features a diamond in the right ear at a cost of $1,050.

13. DIAMOND MICKEY MOUSE PETITE ICON RING: In yellow gold, this delicate ring captures Mickey’s sparkling personality with three diamonds set in the iconic three circle style at $1,200.

12. MICKEY MOUSE ICON BRACELET: Loops of Mickey icons join together forming a delicate gold bracelet. It features a diamond encrusted toggle clasp and sells for $1,975.00.

11. DIAMOND HEART MICKEY MOUSE NECKLACE: This romantic diamond-encrusted heart surounds an iconic Mickey. In 14K gold, this necklace sells for $2,050.00.

10. DIAMOND ICON MICKEY MOUSE RING: This treasure presents five diamond-encrusted Mickey icons creating a dazzling band of diamonds. In 14K rose gold, this fine piece is $3,950.

9. DIAMOND MICKEY MOUSE EARRINGS-LARGE: A glittering pair of post earrings featuring three diamonds arranged like Mickey will complete your collection. In 14K gold, the pair sells for $5,000.

8. MICKEY MOUSE ICON DIAMOND HEART NECKLACE: This exquisite piece boasts 36 individual diamonds in the Mickey icon pattern forming a golden heart pendant. The 1.87 ctw diamonds in 14K gold hang from an adjustable gold rope chain and sells for $8,075.00.

For Men

7. DISNEY DIAMOND RING FOR MEN CAN BE PERSONALIZED: Made especially for men, this designer ring has a center black onyx stone with diamond-encrusted “D”. With other Disney symbols surrounding the onyx, this ring makes the perfect gift at only $710.00.

6. DIAMOND MICKEY MOUSE ICON RING FOR MEN: one diamond center front is flanked by smaller Mickey diamond icons blending sparkle with elegance. This 14K gold ring sells for $3,250.00.


There are beautifully rendered works of art available depicting all of the Disney characters making the magic of a special memory available for viewing in our homes or offices. Here are but a few of the more valuable.

5. Mickey Mouse “Sorcerer Symphony” Giclee on Canvas by James Coleman. Framed, Limited Edition at $1,099.50.

4. Beauty and the Beast “For the Love of Beauty” Giclee on Canvas signed by author. Framed, Limited Edition at $1,169.50


As always with Disney, your favorite characters have been presented in beautiful figurines to enjoy and collect, making a Disney souvenir purchase valuable as well as a happy memory. Here is an example of the more expensive figurines.

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3. The Little Mermaid Ariel Figurine by Arribas Brothers: “Sea Worthy” is a treasure with Swarovski crystals in the enameled metal statue of Ariel. A Limited Edition at $1,400.00.

2. Mickey Mouse Figurine With Globe by Arribas Brothers: A classic Disney collectors piece in enameled metal and set with Swarovski crystals sells for $1,500.00.

Now comes the coup de grace! This item is sure to wow you!

1. Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle Sculpture by Arribas Brothers: This fully sculptured hand-enameled metal Cinderella Castle has over 28,000 Swarovski crystals set by hand, a true masterpiece and a collectors dream. It stands 20” H x 11” W x 1 2 1/2” D. It comes in a custom metal case with a Certificate of Authenticity. This Edition is limited to 50 and sells for $37,500.00! Got sticker shock? Maybe this will soften the blow – Disney offers free shipping on this item!

Shopping and Disney sort of go hand-in-hand, so if you can’t afford one of the above items, treat yourself to something you’ll enjoy; a set of earrings, a key chain or a t-shirt. Whether you spend $20 or a fortune on a Disney product, you’re sure to enjoy it either way. Happy shopping Disney Fanatics!

What special item have you bought at Disney that you just love? I have a Minnie Mouse key ring that brings a smile to my face every time I reach for my keys. What’s your special Disney trinket? Share your answer in the comments below:

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