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Katy Perry Wows Audiences With “Incredible” Elastigirl Impersonation

helen parr (aka mrs incredible and elastigirl) stares at katy perry in an elastigirl costume on american idol's disney night

Helen Parr, aka the Incredibles superhero called Elastigirl, is normally an animated Pixar character associated with the actress who voices her (i.e Holly Hunter). However, pop star Katy Perry has just stolen the Incredibles limelight with her own take on Elastigirl and the iconic matriarch! Audiences were already reeling after witnessing this iconic Hawaiian singer’s performances on American Idol‘s “Disney Night” (and ...

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Hawaiian ‘American Idol’ Contestant Leaves Audience Enthralled After Disney Performance

moana smiles at iam tongi

The Disney magic might not always seem like it is alive and well these days — but one Hawaiian singer has just brought back the Disney (and Marvel) magic for audiences on the popular American Idol competition show!  On the show’s “Disney Night,” which has become an American Idol tradition, the contestant named Iam Tongi sang a stunning rendition of a highly-underappreciated song ...

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D23 Announces American Idol’s ‘Disney Night’ Songs

american idol

The classic singing competition television show American Idol is bringing back an “iconic” episode from the show’s previous seasons: Disney Night! The Official Disney Fan Club D23 has just revealed which Disney songs have made it into the lineup for this popular American idol theme. Take a look at the list below to see if any of your favorite Disney songs made ...

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