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Former Imagineer Joe Rohde Shares Perspective on ‘Disney Adult’ ‘Ritual’

Disney Adults

As the online debates about “Disney Adults” continue to linger, former Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde shares his thoughts on the matter, specifically highlighting some ‘ritual behavior’ on a ride he helped design. With their parents no longer determining their visits, the so-called “Disney Adults” are recognized as the most frequent visitors to Disneyland and Disney World Theme Parks. Their ...

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Joe Rohde Approves Mickey Ears Themed After Himself

Joe Rohde Mouse Ears

It appears that former Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde has released instructions on how fans can sport official Mouse Ears in the Theme Parks. The seasoned adventurer and designer easily recognizable by his elaborate earring and who spearheaded the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, as well as other attractions at Disneyland, Disney World, and Tokyo DisneySea, has become ...

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Iconic Imagineer Shares Thoughts on New ‘Guardians’ Roller Coaster

Guardians Ride Disney World

Veteran Walt Disney Imagineer (now retired) Joe Rohde has left a lasting legacy at The Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida. Originally hired to work on the creation of EPCOT, Rohde was the creative lead for the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is viewed by many as one of the top opinions on Disney Theme Parks and attractions. ...

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