Joe Rohde Approves Mickey Ears Themed After Himself

Joe Rohde Mouse Ears

It appears that former Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde has released instructions on how fans can sport official Mouse Ears in the Theme Parks.

The seasoned adventurer and designer easily recognizable by his elaborate earring and who spearheaded the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, as well as other attractions at Disneyland, Disney World, and Tokyo DisneySea, has become a legend in his own right with fans placing him alongside Imagineering legends like Bob Gurr, X. Attencio and Mary Blair.

Joe Rohde

Credit: D23

Like Warhol’s connection to a polaroid, connecting Rohde’s name to an aspect of Disney Parks appears to add significant value to it, be it a Theme Park, themed land, ride, or even Mickey Ears. An extraordinary example of this comes from Twitter, where one of the only official Joe Rohde-designed Mickey Ears was reselling for $2000.

Rodhe retweeted the news disapprovingly, saying, “Somehow, I don’t think this is the spirit in which this whole hat idea was originally conceived.”

Another fan, @megzy991, replied to Rohde, lamenting, “This is literally the ONLY pair of designer ears I wanted bc I wanted to add the earrings to it. They sold out instantly and have been listed for hundreds to thousands of dollars since.”

Rohde provided a more economical solution:

“In truth, you could take any set of Mickey ears, including the ones that you just buy off the rack in the park… Punch a hole, add earrings, and Voila! A joe hat. Preapproved. Just make the earrings …inventive.”

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The overall Disney Parks fandom is filled with an array of niche subgroups ranging in subjects from Star Wars and Marvel to the Haunted Mansion and Character Meet and Greets, and even include some who focus on Walt Disney Imagineering itself like Rohde.

Now that the celebrity Imagineer has given his blessing to craft all kinds of Mickey Ears in his likeness, only time will tell what sort of unique hats will be seen at the Disney Parks in the near future.

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