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Groundbreaking New ‘Disney Princess’ Event Is Announced

the animated heroine from julia riew's LG commercial in korea

Fans of musical theater and Disney princesses may recognize the name Julia Riew, even if they don’t exactly remember why. Disney princesses are known for being naturally-beautiful heroines who love a good power ballad or “I Want” song — even though there is apparently at least one crucial gap in the Disney princess lineup — and Julia Riew essentially created ...

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OpEd: Can Disney Fans Make Our Own Princesses?

fanmade disney princesses

Disney princesses have always had their own fans, with the occasional Disney fan preferring the classic iconic Disney princesses Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty (also known as Aurora or Briar Rose) while other fans have gravitated towards the more modern Disney heroines who shun romance and sport more realistic body types, such as Moana or Luisa Madrigal. But with ...

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TikTok: Disney Fan Creates Korean Princess


Over time, Disney princesses have been becoming more diverse and more inclusive — but there’s still a long way to go for complete inclusion from many audience members’ point of view, and one Disney fan is doing something about it! Harvard student Julia Riew has created an entire Disney-inspired musical for her senior thesis at Harvard University, and along the ...

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