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How to Decide Whether to Bring or Rent a Stroller at Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World is a BIG place. Some estimate that on a full park day, you could walk up to 15 miles. That’s a lot for little legs! Having a stroller is essential for young kids, and generally you have three options to make it happen: Bring Your Own – You know your own stroller’s functions, you’re familiar with the ...

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Should I Rent a Stroller at Disney World or Bring My Own?

Disney Rental Stroller

There are all kinds of strollers in this world and they’re not all created equal. I’ve owned no less than 6 different strollers in my career as a mother, I’ve even been accused, rightfully-so, of being a stroller connoisseur by my husband more than once. From infant car-seat travel system, Jeep jogging stroller, umbrella stroller, rear-facing stroller frame, and now ...

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