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‘Little Mermaid’ Fans Boiling, Claiming New Trailer “Dropped” from Super Bowl

Little Mermaid Super Bowl Trailer

For many people, the Super Bowl means one thing: the ads. And fitted amongst the air time devoted to the normal, ever-more-cringy celebrity crossovers promoting the biggest brands were new trailers for some of Hollywood’s most-anticipated movies set to be released this year. Well, all but one. During Super Bowl LVII, Disney fans were treated to a tear-jerking tribute ad ...

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Reminder: Super Bowl Winners Won’t Be “Going to Disney World” This Year

Super Bowl LVII Celebration Disneyland

“I’m going to Disney World!”  For decades, those words were shouted by newly-christened NFL world champions across national television as they celebrated their Super Bowl victory. But this year, neither the Kansas City Chiefs nor the Philadelphia Eagles will be saying that after they win Super Bowl LVII. Instead, the football champions will say, “I’m going to Disneyland!” On February ...

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