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Disney World’s 5 Most Problematic Rides of 2022

Most Broken Down Ride at Disney World 2022

Where there are rides, there are also bound to be problems that cause unexpected interruptions to those rides’ operations. And Disney World rides are no exception. Whether it was a technical issue or an issue with certain Guests, Walt Disney World Resort saw significant interruptions in the operation of its attractions across Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s ...

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Ride Evacuations from a ‘Disney Adult’ Perspective

Disney Ride Breakdowns

Under most circumstances, attraction malfunctions at Disney Park are received negatively and seen as yet another sign that Cast Members and the powers that be can no longer maintain the level of magic experienced in years past. Like a football fan watching his team’s star receiver drop a touchdown pass when he was wide open, we can only look at ...

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Tragic Report: Man Dies After Riding Disney World’s PeopleMover

Guest dies on Disney World ride

Update: 2:02 pm ET Published: 10/18/22 12:20 pm ET An 83-year-old man–whose name has been omitted from this report since its original publication out of respect for his family–was enjoying a day at the Walt Disney World Resort with his wife when he passed away of natural causes. According to the Orange County Sherrif’s Report, the octogenarian from Palm Coast ...

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