Teen Feels ‘Betrayed’ After Parents Allow Her to Skip Disney World Vacation

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Parenting can be difficult, especially when it comes to teenagers–at least, that is what this single childless reporter has been told by friends and family multiple times. But imagine being the parents of a teenager who fought to let her skip out on a family vacation to Walt Disney World Resort and then threw a temper tantrum because they listened to her.

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In a subreddit titled AITA (Am I The A$$h*le), two parents asked the blunt title question regarding their parenting decision that appears to have backfired, writing, “As parents, we just want to do our best for our kids, especially when it comes to admitting wrongs.”

They explained the situation thus:

My wife and I are the lucky parents of two girls, Sarah (17F) and Anna (13F) and a boy, Tyler (8M).

We managed to save enough money to go to Disneyworld for a week. Sarah is currently in the teenager phase of acting like a solider being sent out to war whenever she has to go out with the family, and she refused to go to Disneyworld on the basis of it being a stupid place and not wanting to be away from her friends.

My wife and I tried everything – talking to her, showing her pictures of all the fun places, we told her it would be fun and that we wanted her to go but Sarah refused and eventually we agreed to let her stay at her Aunt’s house. The week passed, we came back. Anna showed Sarah a couple of pictures and now Sarah is incredibly angry at her mother and I, she feels betrayed and angry that we let her miss out on a vacation an valuable family time and is angry we didnt fight harder to make her go.

It appears that “Sarah” is suffering from a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but Reddit users gave the question its due validity and weighed in on the situation.

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All of the responses appear to side with the parents. Beginning their replies with NTA (Not The A$$h*le) they argued that the parents made the right call and allowed “Sarah” to learn a very tough lesson about what can happen when she skips out on family vacations. Some even applauded them for being able to teach such a valuable lesson with such low stakes as missing out on a Disney World trip.

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Other Reddit users shared their support from the perspective of a current or former teenage girl, advising these kind-natured parents that their daughter might have had other plans that they did not know about and that she was now angry at herself and the world that her plans backfired.

@Jenna_Domain wrote, in part,

From one freshly 18 year old girl to another teenage girl’s parents? Your kid wanted a free house. Everything she thought she could get away with while you were gone, she couldn’t because she was at her Aunt’s, or because she made specific plans and they got cancelled. So now, she’s mad that not only did she miss out on a free house or those plans that may have been cancelled, but she also missed out on a fun vacation for in the end… nothing. 

Who knows how many other parents have a similar story with their teenagers? , While it has Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, and it has made progress over the years increasing its thrill ride count with Expedition Everest, and Avatar: Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and all of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Walt Disney World Resort has always had a difficult time retaining fans when they reach their teenage years due to its family-focused atmosphere. But whether there is truly something special inside everyone or just the bragging rights thanks to its perpetually trending social media popularity, Disney Theme Parks continue to call us back. And they continue to spark smiles on the faces of the young, and young at heart (and the rest of us who are in denial) that enter the gates–and a severe case of FOMO for all those who stay home.

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