Travel Writer Bashes Disney Restaurant After “Disappointing” Experience

teppan edo chef and hibachi
Photo Credits: Jennifer Greene

Some of the Disney restaurants in the EPCOT Disney Park are known as purveyors of fantastic international cuisine. However, according to travel writer Jennifer Greene, one EPCOT restaurant in the Japan pavilion of the Walt Disney World Resort World Showcase is most definitely not worth the hype!

Teppan Edo is a hibachi restaurant that can be found in the Japan pavilion within EPCOT and its World Showcase. Greene did praise the restaurant’s “gorgeous view over the entire Japan Pavilion”, but added that “that’s kind of where the ambiance ends for this restaurant‚ÄĚ.


Credit: Disney

Disney is known for its intricate detailing when it comes to themed decor, so Greene quickly notice the “strange” lack of any obvious details. “I didn’t expect Mickey and Minnie to be plastered on the walls,” Greene explained, “but some ornamentation would’ve been lovely and made it more inviting. It was truly just a black, white, and red room with four hibachi tables.”

The meal included starters like the usual California roll — which Greene found “tasty”, but not worthy of “$14 for eight pieces” and miso soup (which included an abnormal “extra charge”).

Greene did praise the¬†Tokyo Sunset, calling it “one of the better cocktails” to be found in Walt Disney World Resort — but she also made it clear that “if you don’t like fruity cocktails it’s not for you”, since “it’s a mix of coconut rum, cr√®me de banana, peach schnapps, and pineapple juice”.

Greene also observed during the rest of the meal that “the portions looked small” (something that has also been noticed at this Disneyland location) and that “the food wasn’t necessarily memorable”.

teppan edo sushi

Credit: Jennifer Greene

Greene did praise the hibachi chef, highlighting that he “was entertaining and did a great job”, but she concluded that “overall, the experience felt very rushed”.

“We were seated at our table at 3:30 p.m. and paid our bill at 4:29 p.m.,” Greene explained. “I’ve never had a hibachi meal that was that quick before.”

teppan edo hibachi chef at work

Credit: Jennifer Greene

The meal cost Greene $171 for her and her two children, not including gratuities.

“Between the rushed meal, smaller portions, and underwhelming flavors, we probably won’t be back here again,” Greene declared. “It’s disappointing because hibachi is one of our favorite dining experiences. Sadly, Teppan Edo just doesn’t make the cut for my family.”

Have you eaten at Teppan Edo? Did you find the experience to be lackluster, and what’s the worst dining experience that you’ve had on a Disney vacation?

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