Disney Decreases Portions Again, Saving Guests’ “Waistlines”

blue bayou cake portion size comparison
Disney's Blue Bayou restaurant has been criticized for drastically decreasing its portion sizes for customers.

Another day, another disappointment for a Disney Guest — and this time, the restaurant causing a Disneyland Guest’s disappointment is a repeat offender!

The Blue Bayou restaurant is considered to be one of the most prestigious and high-end Disneyland restaurants, with New Orleans and Louisiana cuisines like chicken gumbo, jambalaya, and vanilla crème brûlée on its in-demand menu.

blue bayou meal

Ham and cheese treats at the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland Resort. Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort (and locations aside from any Disney Park, such as Disney Springs)are known for their cuisine and dining experiences (such as Character Breakfasts and Meet and Greets during meals). Credit: Disney

The restaurant recently came under fire after one Blue Bayou waiter and Disney employee attempted to refuse to serve alcohol to a Guest until they ordered a larger meal than a dessert, which prompted complaints about Disney customer service and Disney restaurant prices (which had already been the subject of criticism as Disney prices have continued to rise).

Now, Blue Bayou has been attacked by Disney fans once again as one Disney Guest has shared the stark contrast between the restaurant’s in-demand Layered Chocolate-Coffee Cake (which costs $10 per slice and is topped with both Vanilla Chantilly and Seasonal Fruit Compote) before and after the restaurant trimmed down its portion sizes.

blue bayou

This significant decrease in portion size could have something to do with Disney’s supposed financial struggles, but it also could have something to do with a goal to reduce Disney Guests’ “waistlines.” Disney CFO Christine McCarthy recently faced backlash after mentioning the benefit of smaller waistlines in relation to Disney’s coordinated decrease in portion sizes (and Disney’s reported mission to cut costs whenever and wherever possible).

The Disney fan and Reddit user shared the following post, showing a picture of the current state of the cake slices.

The 8-Layer Skinny Cake of the Caribbean. Now this is really where DLR is pinching a penny 😆
byu/pizgloria007 inDisneyland

“This is really where DLR is pinching a penny,” the Reddit user joked. Take a look at the cake’s previous slice size in the photo shown below from another Reddit user!

blue bayou chocolate cake

Credit: Reddit user u/Substantial-Falcon-8

According to the original Reddit user and Disneyland Guest who received the disappointing slice of cake, “We started laughing when this arrived. The pic does not do justice to how thin the cake slice is. Huge disappointment as we love cake, and happen to be well experienced with the concept of the cake slice, and what an adequate one should look like.”

Disney Guests have often reported feelings of disappointment after their Disney vacations lately — but this takes the cake (pun intended)! Do you think that Disney should concern itself with its Guests’ weight and waistlines while saving money via portion control — or do you think that Disney should save money elsewhere and keep portions big?

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