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Fans Think Disney Has ‘Lost Its Magic’ Per New Poll

Disney’s popularity has been slowly declining if much of the mainstream talk is to be believed, and now we have numbers to reflect it.

Any Disney fan and Disney Guest will confirm that Disney vacations don’t come cheap. The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have especially come under fire recently for their rising prices. What’s made this already unhappy situation worse is that in recent years, many Disney Guests have felt that the Park experience no longer justifies the costs. They feel they are paying more to get less. And the large majority of the responsibility for this decline has been attributed to the Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek.

Bob Chapek

Disney CEO Bob Chapek/Disney

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Recently, Disney reported higher profits than the previous quarter and even mentioned people were spending more money at the Parks. But while that number seemingly contrasts the open criticism the company has been facing, now, a new poll has provided another perspective.

In a new poll conducted by time2play, wherein the sample for the survey included answers from more than 1,900 adults who consider themselves “Disney World enthusiasts” — people who usually would opt to spend their money and vacation time visiting a Disney Park or going on a Disney Cruise, nearly 70% of Disney World Guests feel that Disney World has “lost its magic” because of the heightened prices. But while paying higher ticket prices, Guests have also noticed food portions and quality have been going downhill. What’s more? Guests are also finding their Disney World hotel rooms lacking, even though prices for those rooms are at an all-time high.

Walt Disney World Poll Infographic/time2play

Walt Disney World Poll Infographic/time2play

Additionally, nearly half of the people polled said that they had postponed taking a trip to Walt Disney World because the cost had gotten as high as it did. 92% of those surveyed felt that a Disney World vacation is now “out of reach for average families.”

However, one of the most surprising results was that of the 1,927 people polled, over 66% felt a need to purchase Disney Genie+ to get the full Disney World experience. This is similar to a number that Disney mentioned earlier this year at the 2022 Bank of America Securities Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference.

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Overall it appears Disney has some work cut out for them, but perhaps the Walt Disney Company already has a strategy in place to deal with these developments. Only time will tell.

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