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More and more fans are questioning whether the Disney experience they get is worth the recent price increases.

Disney has been finding itself at the center of controversy after controversy as its been reopening from the pandemic. Whether it’s for the price rises, the controversial Genie+ system, or the bad behavior of Guests at the Parks, fans are simply not certain that the Disney magic is all it used to be.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Magic Kingdom/Disney Parks Blog

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort/Disney Parks Blog

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Recently, some Disney Guests took to the social media platform Reddit to discuss this topic. Disney fan and Reddit user u/PsychologicalLeek918 posted on the forum, titling their post “Disney lacking.”

In it, the user said,

“Currently at the beginning of a ten day trip at WDW and feel like some of the pixie dust is missing. Disney is lacking maintenance on many rides including Splash, Big Thunder and even the carousel. I know it might seem minor but chipped paint and even the grass areas at EPCOT which are normally perfect is brown or simply missing in spots, I’ve never seen it like this in our 18 years coming here.”

Check it out:

Disney lacking from WaltDisneyWorld

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While the Guest made clear that these were minor things and would not stop them from visiting the Disney Park again, they did bring up the point that this was “a result of cutting costs and yet still seeing [Disney’s] prices rise.”

This sparked a lively discussion, with some users explaining why some of the rides the OP mentioned were likely “lacking pixie dust.”

u/DrTenochtitlan mentioned, “Splash Mountain is about to close for its rebranding as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, so I doubt they’ll do any repairs other than basic maintenance to keep it running until then. EPCOT is going through major construction, so I’d imagine most of that will be fixed when the updates are complete.”

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Walt Disney World/Disney Parks Blog

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Walt Disney World/Disney Parks Blog

Reddit user u/West-Operation echoed the OP’s sentiments:

“I was at WDW this August for 2 weeks. We had an amazing trip, just incredible. However, there is no doubt that the parks, restaurants, and hotels that we enjoyed were in definite need of repair, there was a clear lack of general maintenance. It was genuinely shocking. At the prices they are charging, there is zero excuse for it, including COVID.”

However, despite this kind of feedback from fans, Disney’s numbers are on the rise, per their reports. Disney’s profits are increasing consistently; in Q4 of the fiscal 2021 year, Disney reported a 38% profit increase in the Direct-to-Consumer industry.

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Only time will tell whether these current complaints will affect Disney in the long run.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news as it comes to light.

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