Guest Reports Bizarre and ‘Uncomfortable’ Treatment in Disney Restaurant

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Disney employees have certainly gone through a lot lately, as has the entire Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks and Disney Resorts that can be found in many international locations (just ask Disneyland Paris)! Unfortunately, it looks like a Disney employee has once again dissatisfied a Disney Guest — this time, in the dining department.

Disney Guests have been misbehaving to a shocking degree in recent months, both in American locations like Walt Disney World Resort and in global locations like Disneyland Paris. However, Disney Guests have also been reporting disappointing customer experiences that have been caused by Disney staff or Cast Members, not just badly-behaved other Guests.


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One Disney Guest shared a bizarre and “uncomfortable” experience that they recently had during a meal at the Blue Bayou restaurant, which is an in-demand Disney restaurant located within Disneyland Resort. Reservations are recommended for this restaurant, and the somewhat high-end dining establishment focuses on “Louisiana-inspired cuisine” such as jambalaya, chicken gumbo, and vanilla crème brûlée.

In a post on the website called Reddit, said Disney Guest wrote the following:  “My friend and I managed to snag lunch at Blue Bayou for today and I’ve been super excited for this since I’ve never eaten in there. We planned to go in, get dessert and a drink in place of a full meal since I’ve heard mixed reviews about the food,” the Guest continued.

“When we got in our waiter made a comment at first about us just ordering dessert then made us feel really uncomfortable for wanting a glass of wine to go with it, saying they normally only do that for entrees and don’t like people to order just dessert. He said it would be fine this time but for future reference we should know. But it made us feel so unwelcome and uncomfortable that we ended up leaving without getting anything.”

“Is this normal for this restaurant to only want you to order drinks with entrees and frowning on just getting dessert?” the social media user asked. “I wouldn’t have booked here if I realized that but didn’t see anything when I was booking.”


Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwich Credit: Disney

Alcoholic beverages have been on many Walt Disney World Resort visitors’ minds lately as well, since Disney Springs has noticeably cut back on its alcohol offerings (and since many Disney fans are connecting that decrease in alcohol to Guests’ bad behavior). Other Disney Guests responded to the original Disney visitor’s post, with one person writing that they “went not too long ago and a table near us only ordered dessert and drinks. the waiter didn’t say anything and actually seemed relieved that that’s all they got because they were so busy.”

“i had a great experience (and my food was great too) and i’m sad you didn’t get to have the same type of experience,” the person wrote. “i’m not normally a “can i speak to the manager” person but that definitely would have been a situation where i would have.”

Another Disney customer mentioned that “back during the reopening there was a rule in CA where you had to order an entree to get an alcoholic drink. I remember going to like, TGI Fridays and I couldn’t get a beer because we had only ordered appetizers lol. So maybe this was a holdover from that, combined with it being a hard-to-get res.”

Blue Bayou Concept Art

Blue Bayou Concept Art Credit: Disney

Many of the Reddit users supposedly checked the Disneyland website without finding any mention of the restriction, leading to even more confusion regarding the Blue Bayou waiter’s behavior and the supposed policy. Have you ever tried to order alcohol with a dessert during a Disney dining experience, and been challenged on that front?

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