Disney Cuts Back on Alcohol for Guests

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The Coca-Cola Rooftop lounge is a popular spot for Disney Springs Guests and Walt Disney World Resort visitors — not to mention people who simply find themselves in Florida and love sodas from the Coca-Cola beverage company.

However, if you are headed to Disney Springs for a night out soon, and in search of some alcohol for your night, then you will be out of luck. This establishment’s lounge has removed all alcohol from its menu!

Lounges are typically associated with establishments that have alcoholic beverages on offer, so the lack of alcoholic beverage options for Disney Springs Guests and Coca-Cola Rooftop patrons will be a surprise to many Disney fans or drink connoisseurs.

Alcohol at Disney

Credit: Theme Park Center

It is unclear if this decrease in alcoholic beverages is related to the amount of shockingly inappropriate Guest behaviors that have been plaguing the Disney Parks and Disney Resorts (both abroad as well as in Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort), and there has not been any explanation given yet regarding the removal of the alcoholic options.

If you are interested in drinking soda instead of alcohol, however, the Coca-Cola Rooftop still clearly has plenty of offerings! You can try soda and fountain drink flavors ranging from Coca-Cola Life to Barq’s Red Creme Soda to Pibb Xtra and Powerade Mountain Blast — as well as plenty of other flavors and some mocktails that obviously don’t include alcohol!

coca cola rooftop bar disney springs

Credit: Disney

Fear not; if you are a Disney World Guest or Disney Springs patron who is still seeking some alcohol on your trip to Disney Springs instead, the dining and shopping district is chock-full of options — especially at Planet Hollywood’s Stargazers Bar, which is right next to Coca-Cola!

Coca Cola

Do you think that this Disney Springs establishment removed alcoholic beverages from its offerings due to Guests’ increasingly bad behavior at Walt Disney World Resort and Disney theme parks?

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