PHOTO: Guy Tries to Surf in Disney Springs Fountain

Guest Surfs in Disney World Fountain
Guest Surfs in Disney World Fountain Credit: Disney (left); @MichaelSheehyJr (right)

For the past few months, it has seemed that social media is filled with eye-catching visuals and stories of delinquent Guests making a scene at the Walt Disney World Resort.

From sticking hands or feet outside of the ride vehicles to starting full-on fist fights. But, aside from a few exceptions, most of the story subjects seemed oblivious to the “viral-ness” of their actions. Their malicious or benign intentions have nothing to do with going viral and being written up by sites like ours.

Guest sticks feet in fountain

Credit: @princessshannon

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This time, however, the intention to go viral seems pretty clear–at least to this reporter.

Over the past weekend, a Guest at Disney Springs was spotted with a full-sized surfboard in one of the fountains.

A picture was shared by Michael Sheehy on Twitter, showing the Guest in the ankle-deep water of the fountain right in front of the Lime Garage talking with a Disney World security officer.

Check it out:

It is unknown at this time if alcohol or drugs were involved in this Guest’s decision, and it is also unclear how he managed to get a surfboard past the security checkpoint.

Disney fountains appear to be a target of most Disney delinquency lately. We at Disney Fanatic reported that Guests had used the waters to cool off amid their long hours in the hot Florida sun, and one Disneyland Paris Guest even dunked his daughter in it completely. Click the link below to read more about that story.

disneyland paris fountain disney guest behavior

Disney Guests have been trespassing and misbehaving often in recent months, and one Disneyland Paris Guest recently tried to bathe a child in a Disney fountain.

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The Walt Disney World Resort has strict trespassing protocols, and actions similar to this Guest’s antics could result in being expelled from the Resort area and even facing bans.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney Parks news and stories as more developments come to light.

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