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Walt Disney World Resort is famous for its Disney magic, but lately it seems like that same Walt Disney World magic hasn’t been enough to keep Disney Guests from ignoring rules and behaving disrespectfully! The most recent example is an adult Disney Springs Guest flouting the rules by standing in a decorative fountain.

Disney Springs Credit: Brittany DiCologero / Disney Fanatic

Twitter user Mardi Con (@TheConnorWeb) recently shared a disturbing photo from Disney Springs. The photo shows an adult Guest using the Disney Springs fountain like a swimming pool, standing in it barefoot. Standing in a fountain is frowned upon in the first place; standing in a fountain barefoot, when shoes are specifically required in Walt Disney World Resort, is even more so.

Being barefoot in a Disney Park or Disney property water fountain that is not meant for swimming or wading is also disrespectful to other Guests and Cast Members — not to mention an eyesore since the fountain is meant to be an aesthetically pleasing water feature that doesn’t include Disney Guests!

The picture received negative comments, with many people expressing dismay and disappointment in the adult Guest’s behavior. Another Twitter user commented the following: “If/When they get rid of that fountain. And everyone is up in arms, this picture should be brought up again. Because the kids was one thing, but a grown adult showing his kids it’s ok to act terrible”.

Another Twitter user commented that “it’s a fountain not a pool”, while another joked that maybe it was a “baptism”.

France Fountain

France Fountain in EPCOT within Walt Disney World Resort Credit:

Standing in a fountain, barefoot or otherwise, is a transgression that might be understandable from a child who temporarily mistakes the fountain for a pool. Doing the same as an adult is not.

Furthermore, most adults know from visiting pools or water parks that it’s dangerous to walk or run with wet feet (specifically because water park or theme park staff are constantly reminding visitors of this fact), so this Guest is also putting himself at risk of slipping and falling, which is a hazard that Disney Springs would also want to avoid.

Lady and the Tramp Fountain

Lady and the Tramp Fountain in the Magic Kingdom Credit:

Unfortunately, inappropriate or shameful behavior is becoming more and more commonplace on Disney property and in Disney Parks. There have been fights or confrontations between Guests and other Guests in Disney Parks, as well as between Guests and Cast Members, in both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort recently.

Have you seen any badly-behaved Disney Guests in Walt Disney World Resort, Downtown Disney, Disneyland Resort, at any Disney theme Park outside the United States, or on a Disney Cruise Line trip?

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