“That’s Not Aurora” – Disney Princess Mishap Leaves ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Fans In Tears

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Princess Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty, is one of Walt Disney Studios’ most iconic and recognizable characters…so something must have gone terribly wrong for an outcry of “That’s not Aurora” from fans.

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Released in 1959, Sleeping Beauty was one of Walt Disney Studios’ first princess films, with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and Cinderella (1950) being the only other two at the time.

Sleeping Beauty tells the story of Briar Rose/Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip, the Good Fairies, and the Wicked Fairy Maleficent.

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Although other Disney movies about princesses have become more popular, such as The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991), and Mulan (1998), Sleeping Beauty remains one of the most discernable Disney movies in the company’s history.

So, it comes as little surprise to hear that many will recognize the titular character from the classic animated film, even if they’ve never seen the movie.

Recently, a TikTok creator tried to recreate Princess Aurora using only stickers from an activity booklet. But it didn’t take long for the activity to go south…


??? je suis désolée c’est pas du tout le résultat que j’attendais mais j’ai trouve ça si drôle ?. On enlaidit quelle princesse ? #asmr #asmrsounds #asmrstickerssounds #asmrsticker #princess #disneyprincess #aurore #aurora

♬ son original – ASMR Stickers ✨

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Disney fans and casual viewers alike found themselves amused, appalled, and astonished at the result.

One viewer commented, “That’s not Aurora that’s Alora,” while another wrote, “the sleeping of the beauty.”

Another wrote, “i’m crying” as they watched the disaster unfolding before them.

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Credit: Disney

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While this version of Briar Rose may not look the way we remember her, fans don’t have to fret!

Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort can meet Princess Aurora in EPCOT’s France pavilion, while guests visiting Disneyland Park can meet the iconic character in Fantasyland’s Royal Hall.

Have you ever seen a Disney Princess look so disheveled? 

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