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The 10 Things We Love About Dining at the Magic Kingdom

Dining at the Magic Kingdom is a great experience because you have so many options between snack carts, quick-service dining locations, and great table service locations. There is much to see and do when it comes to dining choices at the Magic Kingdom, but here is our list of the ten things that we love about dining at the Magic Kingdom!

10 – Tons of Popcorn – even before Cinderella’s Castle is in sight, you are bombarded with the scent of freshly popped popcorn from the popcorn cart just past the tunnel running beneath the Walt Disney World Railroad. We love the placement of this popcorn cart because you can easily get some on the way in or on the way out (or BOTH!)

9 – 7 Table Service Dining Locations – since Magic Kingdom is the most popular theme park in the world, there has to be a lot of choices for guests to choose from when it comes to sit-down dining options. Currently, guests can choose from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant (Italian, located in Town Square), the Crystal Palace (classic American buffet, located on the left-hand end of Main Street, U.S.A.), the Plaza Restaurant (classic American sandwiches, located on the right-hand end of Main Street, U.S.A.), Cinderella’s Royal Table (buffet, located inside of Cinderella’s Castle), Liberty Tree Tavern (Thanksgiving buffet, located in Liberty Square), Skipper Canteen (steak and fish, located in Adventureland), and Be Our Guest (French/American, located in Fantasyland). Depending on what type of food you are looking for and the experience you want, any of these options will be a great choice!

8 – Delicious Ice Cream – no trip to the Magic Kingdom is complete without a stop at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. Guests are able to create their own ice cream sundae with their choice of flavors and toppings and either in a cone or a dish! If you don’t have enough room in your stomach for a sundae, be sure to check out any of the snack cart locations for the classic Mickey bar or Mickey ice cream sandwich!

7 – Fresh Baked Treats – we LOVE stopping by the Confectionary or Big Top Souvenirs and watching the chefs create some delicious treats and, of course, we have to sample the creations – be it marshmallow rice treats, delicious handmade fudge, or gigantic cookies!

6 – Hidden Treats – we love stumbling upon hidden places to find something delicious to snack on. On a recent trip, we traveled by Sleepy Hollow and had an amazing snack in the fresh fruit waffle sandwich with a chocolate hazelnut spread, as well as checked out the other great waffle sandwich options that they have to offer here. Be sure to not ignore these small snack locations as the often have far too many great choices!

5 – Creative Choices – we love going to the Magic Kingdom at busier times of the year because some of the usually shuttered dining options in the Magic Kingdom are open. For example, guests can sample the savory BBQ options that are being offered at the Tortuga Tavern or have the creative creations at the Golden Oak Outpost with topped waffle fries, or the pot roast macaroni and cheese at the Friar’s Nook!

4 – 3 Character Dining Options – if your family wants to pair your dining experience with meeting famous Disney characters, there are three very different options for you to choose from. If you want to dine with the princesses, you’ll want to go to Cinderella’s Royal Table. If you want to meet Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood, head on over to the Crystal Palace. Lastly, if you want to meet the Beast, you have to go to Be Our Guest at dinner time! These are all great options if you want to meet characters!

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3 – Plenty of Quick Treats – between the innumerable snack carts and quick-service dining locations, guests will never be able to go hungry. We love grabbing a corn dog or a pretzel when we are on the go, but you can find muffins, fruits, churros, and chips, too!

2 – The Infamous Turkey Leg – some guests head to the Magic Kingdom so they can snack on these snack that is truly a meal! Guests can also find it in the other parks, but for so long, the turkey leg has been synonymous with the Magic Kingdom and there is something special about grabbing a turkey leg and sitting down in Liberty Square or Frontierland and enjoying it and the surroundings.

1 – Lots and Lots of Candy – again, no trip to the Magic Kingdom is complete without going to the Confectionary and grabbing some of the delicious candy there. We particularly enjoy the sour taffy, but you can also enjoy the variety of gummy candy that is for sale or the handmade fudge.

Dining at the Magic Kingdom can be overwhelming, but the most important thing to know is that there are no wrong choices with options at the Magic Kingdom. When you go to the Magic Kingdom, what is your favorite thing about dining there?

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