The 7 Things I (And Possibly You) Haven’t Gotten Around To Yet At Walt Disney World

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Disney World is an expansive place. Between four theme parks, two water parks, two miniature golf courses, and twenty Disney resorts, there is A LOT to do. Invariably, you discover a favorite and insist on doing it every time you are in the parks (ahem…Splash Mountain and grapefruit beer). Because I have fallen victim to this, there are still things I haven’t experienced, restaurants I haven’t tried, and rides that I haven’t written. Below is my list of the top 7 things that I (and possibly you) haven’t gotten around to yet.

7 – Dinner and Wishes! at Cinderella’s Royal Table – I love fireworks and the Magic Kingdom offers some of the best around. I have seen pictures from inside Cinderella’s Royal Table when Wishes! is happening and it looks amazing. I’ve been able to view Illuminations from my table when dining at Tokyo Dining at Epcot (you can also get good views from dining locations in Mexico, Morocco, and Great Britain). However, since Wishes! is the premiere fireworks attraction and Cinderella’s Royal Table is in the embodiment of all things Disney, I know this experience won’t disappoint.

6 – Playing Miniature Golf – my trips to Disney are generally weekend trips since I live within driving distance. Given that, our time is usually spent in the parks, trying to hit all four over the course of the weekend. Between FastPasses and ADRs, we are left with little time for anything outside of the parks. On a recent trip, however, I made a wrong turn and passed by Fantasia Gardens and was able to see some of the holes from the road. I can’t wait to go there (I’m told that it is the more challenging of the two courses), as well as go Winter Summerland to see the amazing theming present there. I also discovered that annual passholders get a discount!

5 – Riding Ellen’s Energy Adventure – with the recent announcements of changes coming to both Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this is going to have to be a must-do on my next trip. I’ve read reviews on-line about the slow, meandering pace of the ride (45 minutes total) and its desperate need of an update. I’ve also read that it is a top pick for a cool place to get out of the sun on a hot day in Epcot. However, every time I have tried going, it has either closed early, I’ve become distracted by Test Track, or have wanted to start exploring the countries of the World Showcase.

4 – Gone to the Animation Academy – sadly, this is something that is going to remain undone on my Disney Bucket List based on the recent announcement that it is closing. I heard wonderful things from friends who had gone and learned how to draw their favorite characters. I guess my only hope at this point is that they replace it with something even better!

3 – Rafiki’s Planet Watch – I’ve had grand plans with this one. I’ve said it to my family multiple times as we are coming off of Kilimanjaro Safaris. We usually say we will go on it as soon as we go to the bathroom and get something to drink from the Dawa Bar (one of my favorites in all of Disney World), but every time we become distracted by Festival of the Lion King. Or Flights of Wonder. Or Tusker House. Or Kali River Rapids. Needless to say, I will continue to be insistent on this one, but who knows when I will actually accomplish this one.

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2 – Most Things at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs – again, because of my usual touring schedule, we usually do not make it to Downtown Disney on our trips. I have been to a few, select locations there: the AMC Theatre, World of Disney, the bath store that have the foaming bath balls, and Earl of Sandwich. Everything else is a complete mystery to me. I am getting excited about the re-imagining to Disney Springs and the introduction of the new restaurants there, so with that I am sure I will become a more frequent guest.

1 – Been “That Guy” at Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor – I was reticent to like this attraction. The first time I experienced it, it was a welcome respite from the rain that was falling that day. Turns out, it was a great show and our family does it every time we are in the Magic Kingdom because everyone finds something to enjoy in each show. I’m always a fan of the mind reading. But, my biggest goal is to become “That Guy.” I’ve tried scoping out the seat. I’ve tried drawing attention to myself. I’ve tried going early in the morning or late at night when the crowds are smaller. Nothing has worked. I have gotten to the the person during the pre-show who has the uncontrollable urge to dance. However, until I get that sticker proudly advertising the fact that I have been “That Guy” I will feel incomplete.

There are countless other Disney experiences that I have yet to have, but are soon to be rectified (I am finally eating at Ohana on my next trip and conquering one of the water parks). What is your top Disney experience that you haven’t done yet?

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