Columbia Harbor House

The 7 Things We Love About the Columbia Harbour House

Walt Disney World is home to a bevy of amazing restaurants. When most people think of their favorite restaurant at Disney World, they generally do not think of a counter service as being on that list. But, the Columbia Harbour House, located in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, definitely makes the cut! There is so much to enjoy about this restaurant and its menu, but here is our list of our top 7 reasons why we love the Columbia Harbour House!

7 – Location – Columbia Harbour House is situated across from the Haunted Mansion and is set on the border separating Liberty Square from Fantasyland. Its prime location makes it an easy choice when touring the Magic Kingdom as it isn’t really that far from wherever it is you happen to be.

6 – Seating Space – this restaurant has PLENTY of space! Even at the most busy times in the park, it is pretty easy to find a place to sit in this restaurant. There is a second floor that offers additional seating, as well as fantastic views of Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Fantasyland – depending on where you end up sitting. There is even seating available over top the meeting point of Liberty Square and Fantasyland so you can see the people coming and going.

5 – Menu Variety – unlike your traditional counter service restaurants in Magic Kingdom that serve hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken fingers, Columbia Harbour House features some fancier dishes themed around the colonial nature of Liberty Square. My personal favorite is the lobster roll. I’ve also had sampled the fried shrimp and the fried fish. If you are looking for some healthier options, try the salmon or one of the salads on the menu. They also have a good selection of sides that you can order with your meal!

4 – Theming – take some time while waiting in line or after your meal to take in the theming and the details that abound in the restaurant. You can discover a lot of marine and nautical themed items here, as well as other pieces from colonial times. This restaurant certainly meets the Disney standards as it comes to theming, so be sure to check it out!

3 – Something for Everyone – even though the menu seems heavily-tilted towards seafood, my fiancée (who is not at all a seafood fan) enjoys coming here because of the healthy options that it offers, as well as the rotating dessert selection. If you are sampling the selections from the land here, they also have a variety of sauces at your disposal (or even if you want to try shrimp and honey mustard)!

2 – Air-Conditioning – while many places on property has this, it is nice to retreat to Columbia Harbor House and cool off and refuel before heading back out to tackle the Haunted Mansion, the Mark Twain Riverboats, or begin your trek through Fantasyland!

1 – Phenomenal Deal – with the menu consisting mostly of seafood options, the prices for the menu items are very reasonable. The lobster roll is only $12.99 and features a huge amount of lobster and isn’t overpowered by mayonnaise or other ingredients. The portions and the prices are just right to make this a fan favorite and a must-do for me when I’m in the Magic Kingdom.

To be fair, I ignored Columbia Harbour House for a while because I didn’t think Disney could do seafood in a counter-service option well and I ignored it to my detriment! The menu is constantly evolving and there are so many good options there that I am never bored or feel like I am settling for something like I do at other options in Magic Kingdom. Have you been there? What is your favorite?

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