The 7 Things We Love About the Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern

Located in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom is a hidden gem of sorts. It isn’t as flashy as Be Our Guest or as popular as the Crystal Palace or Cinderella’s Royal Table, but the Liberty Tree Tavern is a great table service restaurant you’ll want to consider on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom. Here are seven of our favorite things about Liberty Tree Tavern and we’re sure seven things you’ll love it, too!

7 – Location – Liberty Tree Tavern is located in the thick of it all. You can easily get there from Frontierland, the Hub, Liberty Square, and Fantasyland. But, the true wow factor of the restaurants location is that is sits directly on the parade route. If you have a later dinner reservation, ask to see if you can have a window seat and you’ll be able to see the lights and floats of the Main Street Electrical Parade pass by as you’re eating. Be forewarned, however; the windows at Liberty Tree Tavern are authentic to the times, so they are bubbled glass, making it hard to see exactly who is passing by in the parade, but you will still enjoy the music and the lights!

6 – Unique – when you get to the restaurant and give them your name, they will also ask you where you are visiting from. The first time my family ate there, I thought it a little odd because I had never been asked that question elsewhere on property. Anyway, we sat and we waited for our table to be ready. And when it was, the host yelled out for our family and referencing where we are visiting from. It is an interesting experience and one that I enjoy – they even are sure to note if you’re visiting from a state or a commonwealth!

5 – All-You-Care-To-Enjoy – like any great meal at Disney World, this meal is all-you-care-to-enjoy! The Patriot Platter is very akin to a Thanksgiving meal featuring turkey, pork, and beef. You also have a wonderful selection of sides like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a selection of vegetables. For dessert, you are served a wonderful apple and cranberry cobbler with ice cream! After your initial sampling, you can specifically request something if you particularly enjoyed it. Definitely make sure that you bring your appetite to this meal!

4 – Delicious Food – every piece of food that is featured on the menu at the Liberty Tree Tavern is amazing. When friends who haven’t eaten there ask me about it, I always describe it as food you would have homemade at Thanksgiving. Every menu item is hot and fresh when it hits the table and you won’t be able to give it much of a chance to cool because it is so good!

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3 – Popularity – since Magic Kingdom has so many choices that tempt guests, Liberty Tree Tavern is usually a reservation that you can score easily. People often interpret a restaurant that is easy to get reservations at as not being good. Nothing is further from the truth with this restaurant. I always enjoy knowing that if needed, I can easily get into Liberty Tree Tavern if I can’t get in anywhere else or don’t want any of the counter service options available.

2 – Multiple Dining Rooms – one of the quirks of the Liberty Tree Tavern are the multiple dining rooms you can eat in. They are themed to reflect important personalities from the Revolutionary Period. As is the case with most things at Disney, taking to time to reflect on and appreciate the theming is one of the added benefits of the whole experience. There are six separate dining rooms, so you’ll have to make room on your dining card for the future!

1 – Great Value – for a restaurant offering an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal, Liberty Tree Tavern is a phenomenal value. Dinner is $31.99 and like most table service dining options at the Magic Kingdom, it also accepts Tables in Wonderland. This dining option is $10 cheaper than the buffet at the Crystal Palace and and $40 cheaper than the meal offered at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Unlike those two, there are no characters at Liberty Tree Tavern, but it does offer the views of the parades!

For those of you whose appetites have been whetted by this article need to know that Liberty Tree Tavern is currently undergoing a massive refurbishment to coincide with the new table service restaurant in Adventureland. According to Disney, the Liberty Tree Tavern will re-open on November 20, 2015 – just in time for Thanksgiving and holiday trips to Walt Disney World! Have you been to the Liberty Tree Tavern? What is your favorite thing there?

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