The 7 Things You Can’t Miss in Frontierland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


The Magic Kingdom is a collection of 6 themed lands that offers guests the opportunity to escape into a different adventure. Frontierland offers much for guests to see, do, and explore. Of all of the lands in the Magic Kingdom, Frontierland is my personal favorite. And these are the top seven things that you’ll won’t want to miss on your next visit to Frontierland.

7 – Shopping– Frontierland offers many different shopping options for guests to find the perfect souvenir. You can find a Splash Mountain t-shirt in the Splash Mountain gift shop as you walk out of the exit queue, but don’t overlook the other Splash Mountain gift shop located once you walk up the stairs after exiting the ride. The Briar Patch offers a bigger selection of souvenirs, but is somewhat hidden/isolated, so it is often overlooked. If there is a pin collector in your group, make sure to stop by the Frontier Trading Post to find the perfect one. The selection of pins at this location is very expansive and you can also find some unique Frontierland-oriented souvenirs here, too!

6 – Food – Frontierland is not home to a table-service restaurant, but it is home to many quick and delicious options for guests on the run! On the main strip of Frontierland, you can find many food carts offering pretzels, corn dogs, hot dogs, and popcorn. If you need something more substantial, Pecos Bill’s is the place for you! They serve up traditional American fare currently, but it was recently announced that the menu is going to change in an upcoming refurbishment. Also, don’t overlook the Golden Oak Outpost – these small shack is located on the path between Frontierland and Adventureland and operates as a Disney test kitchen by offering new, quick options to guests. On a recent trip, Golden Oak was serving up a variety of topped waffle fries with cheese and pulled pork!

5 – Entertainment – Frontierland is home to some wonderful (and classic) entertainment options. Disney purists will always enjoy a trip to the Country Bear Jamboree. In addition to being a hilarious show, the Country Bear Jamboree offers families an opportunity to sit down, relax, and enjoy some air-conditioning while taking in the show. Walking the streets of Frontierland, guests may also encounter the Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob. This impromptu street music adds to mystique of Frontierland and makes guests feel like they are back in the late-1800s American West!

4 – Atmosphere – Tom Sawyer’s Island is a wonderful (and often overlooked) addition to Frontierland. Even though it is a very small boat ride across the Rivers of America, guests will feel transformed to a bygone age where they’ll wander and explore. There is Harper’s Mill and Fort Langhorn to discover. I always enjoy escaping from the fort through the underground caves. You can cross the suspension bridge and take a turn travelling on the barrel bridge, too! If this form of exploration is not your style, head to the dock opposite from the Liberty Belle and take in the wonderful views of Frontierland and Liberty Square from a nice, shaded rocking chair! It is a shame that Aunt Polly’s isn’t open to make this experience even more appealing! Also adding to the fun atmosphere of Frontierland is the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade – I love walking by and hearing the sounds of bullets ricocheting around and seeing the sights of the small western town in the shooting arcade light up and move! It is cheap fun – 35 shots for $1!!

3 – Rides – Frontierland is home to two E-ticket attractions that always claim two of my three FastPasses on every trip! Splash Mountain takes guests throughout the world of Br’er Rabbit and his trials and tribulations with Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear. If you haven’t tried this ride early in the morning or late at night, you might want to consider trying it on your next trip. Nothing makes a Disney trip feel better to me than coming over the crest of Chick-a-Pin Hill and seeing the sun rising or Cinderella Castle lit up in the background! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a great rollercoaster, but differs from all in one respect: you want the backseat! The backseat allows guests to see all of the environment, but then also get the best ride! Much like Splash Mountain, this ride is best experienced at night – it almost feels like a completely different experience when riding it at night!

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2 – Parades – in addition to Main Street, U.S.A. and Liberty Square, Frontierland plays hosts two both of the parades the Magic Kingdom has to offer. Of all the lands, I enjoy watching the parades from Frontierland. The crowds are generally much smaller so you can get a better view of the floats and the characters. Keep in mind that the Festival of Fantasy Parade begins in Frontierland, while the Main Street Electrical Parade ends in Frontierland. There are plenty of shaded spots to watch from and there are always plenty of snacks to grab while you watch!

1 – Characters – Frontierland does play home to some popular character greetings. Chip and Dale can be seen throughout the day at various times at the entrance to Frontierland from Liberty Square. They are adorned with cowboy hats and bandanas. If there are Toy Story fans in your party, make sure to check out the exit area to Splash Mountain near the small child playground and you can meet Woody and Jessie! Times vary throughout the year based on crowd levels, so make sure that you grab a Times Guide so you know when the characters are around!

Are you a Frontierland fan? What is your favorite thing to do when you’re there?

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