The 7 Things You’ll Love About Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios


4. Character Interactions

Unlike other areas of the theme parks, Black Spire Outpost is wholly immersive.  This means that guests do no queue up to have their photos taken with characters from the movies.  The characters are part of the land.  While checking out the menu at one of the restaurants, our attention was drawn by Chewbacca and Rey seeking cover from nearby Stormtroopers.  Guests should also be prepared for brief interrogations by Stormtroopers or by Kylo Ren himself if walking around with Resistance markings on their clothing. 

5. Disney Play Functionality

With the land expected to be so popular, Disney has also stepped up the offerings on the Disney Play app to occupy guests while exploring the land or waiting in the queues of the attractions.  A 90 minute wait for Smuggler’s Run passed by quickly while using the app to scan cargo, learn aliases, and help inventory pieces of the Millennium Falcon.  Just make sure you have an external battery since you’ll go through power quickly!

6. Unique Dining Experiences

Guests visiting Batuu can find food at three separate locations.  The first is Ronto’s Roasters which features food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  While the food is prepared to look like it has been made on another planet, the offerings are delicious!  You’ll want to try a Ronto wrap which is roasted pork, a grilled pork sausage, and peppercorn sauce served wrapped in pita bread.  Docking Bay 7 offers a larger variety of food — beef pot roast, smoked ribs, a chilled shrimp noodle salad, fried chicken, and salads.  However, the best food location on Batuu can be found at the Milk Stand where guests can choose to enjoy either the blue or green milk and adults can choose to add alcohol to their selection.  We tried both and prefer the blue milk, but both are delicious!

7. Attractions

The attractions at Galaxy’s Edge will be opening in stages.  Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run is open now and allows guests to help shuttle goods through the galaxy as a pilot, engineer, or a gunner.  The second attraction, Rise of the Resistance opens at Hollywood Studios in December and has defied explanation or comparison, but we already have our tickets booked for a return trip to Batuu when it opens. 

With the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, Disney has proven once again that their skill and attention to detail when it comes to themed lands is superb.  You’ll enjoy walking around the streets of the Black Spire Outpost, encountering characters, and checking out the shops.  At this point, the crown jewel of the experience is seeing the Millennium Falcon in person, walking aboard, and sitting in the cockpit and making the jump to light speed!  Have you planned your trip to Galaxy’s Edge yet?  What are you most excited to check out?

By Tyler

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