The 8 Things We Love About Typhoon Lagoon


I recently had the time to re-discover Typhoon Lagoon after an absence of 23 years! It was an amazing experience because it felt like it was my very first time in the park. There are many things to see, explore, and discover when visiting Typhoon Lagoon, but the following is our list of our top 8!

8 – Storm Slides – these slides are located to the right of the Humunga Cowabunga. They are your basic waterslides. You don’t need a raft or a tube to experience this attraction and there are now height restrictions on the ride. There are three different slides for guests to try out and figure out which one is their favorite!

7 – Singapore Sal’s – this is the merchandise store at Typhoon Lagoon. You can buy any item that you may have forgotten for your trip like towels or sunscreen. You can also rent lockers at this location to store your bags and other important things in. You can also find specialty merchadise like pins and t-shirts here. Unlike most other merchandise locations, I have never seen any of the special Typhoon Lagoon merchandise at any other park or shopping location.

6 – Joffrey’s Mini Donut Kiosk – located just outside of Singapore Sal’s, this kiosk serves some hot and fresh mini donuts. You can watch as they come off the conveyer belt and are sprinkled with sugar while you decide what type of dipping sauce. If you happen to visit on a day when it is cooler, they also serve a variety of coffee, teas, and even hot chocolate!

5 – Unique Food Options – having last visited Typhoon Lagoon in 1993, I researched the food options at the park before heading to the park to know what to expect. Most of the food locations have your traditional fare: hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken fingers. But, most locations also offer something unique – for example, Leaning Palms offers a black bean and plantain burger and the Snack Shack offers a cornbread waffle pulled pork sandwich. Live dangerously and try one of the unique options!

4 – Waves and Rivers – two of the marquee attractions at Typhoon Lagoon offer the most fun for visitors: the wave pool and the lazy river! The wave pool rotates between pushing out 6 foot waves for guests to body surf on, duck under, or try and jump over and just having bobbing waves. Either option is great fun! If you get too tired from dodging waves, head over to Castaway Creek where you can grab a tube and float around the entire park! The best thing about Castaway Creek is the multiple entrances and exits allowing guests to get out to experience something else if the mood strikes them!

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3 – Theming – Disney is known for its theming throughout the parks and resorts. Typhoon Lagoon is no different. It was very interesting to read the backstory as we were driving into the park and then to discover the small little details as I was walking around the parks between all of the attractions.

2 – Humunga Cowabunga – guests must be 48 inches tall to enjoy this ride, but for those that are tall enough for it will definitely enjoy it! It is a long climb to the top of Mount Mayday, but the ride down is amazing (and fast)! Much like Space Mountain is a rite of passage when visiting the Magic Kingdom, dropping to the bottom of this slide is sure to make any kid (or adult) beam with pride at the end of the slide!

1 – Crushin’ Gusher – a more recent addition to Typhoon Lagoon, this attraction can be described as a water slide roller coaster. Guests sit in a raft and it is pushed up by high-pressure water. There are two or three drops and inclines in each of the slides. Much like the Storm Slides, there are three options for guests. My personal favorite is the Banana Blaster. The only downside of this ride is that you have to carry your raft up three flights of stairs before the ride, but it definitely burns some of the mini donut calories off!!

When visiting Walt Disney World, it is easy to overlook the waterparks because you have four theme parks to choose from, as well as your resort hotel and an intense shopping and dining district, but escaping to Typhoon Lagoon feels even more secluded than being at your resort. You can easily accomplish most things in the park in half a day and still have time to enjoy another park at night! Have you been to Typhoon Lagoon? What is your favorite thing about it?

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