The First-Ever Original Pixar Series Is Coming to Disney+ in 2023

Win or Lose
Credit: Pixar

Pixar Animation Studios is up to bat with a groundbreaking Disney+ production that has been in talks for the past three years. Introduced at a Disney Investor Day meeting in December 2020, the first-ever long-form series, Win or Lose, will finally take a swing at Disney+ streamers.

On Tuesday, Pixar announced Win or Lose will be available for streaming in December 2023. With 26 feature films starting with the prolific Toy Story in 1995, Pixar has yet to dive into a long-form series—until now.

Win or Lose Poster

Credit: Pixar

What We Know About the Series So Far

Created, written, and directed by Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates, Win or Lose captures the story of a co-ed middle school softball team called the Pickles. Leading up to their championship game, each character gets the spotlight to gradually unveil the true story behind who they are.

At a 2022 D23 expo where viewers were pitched a first look at Win or Lose, it was revealed that former SNL star Will Forte would voice Coach Dan in the series. After audiences got their first taste of the series at the expo, Yates shared what he’s most looking forward to once it hits the screens of Pixar fans everywhere:

You kind of view the characters one way, and then when we get to the next episode, we kind of pull back this curtain and reveal who they really are. It’s really exciting to see how the audience’s expectations of who this character is change from episode to episode.

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If we know anything about Pixar, it’s safe to bet the series will capture a depth of feelings that don’t always come across in live-action films. Win or Lose is primed to be funny, charming, and relatable, with a cast of characters to learn about and love. The series also takes a unique approach to its animation style, with subtle shifts in the illustrations between episodes.

The news of Win or Lose’s release follows a winding Disney+ road, with millions of subscribers lost in 2023 after price spikes were implemented. Disney also recently announced a new app combining Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ in 2024, right after Win or Lose airs.

Disney Plus Loses Subscribers

Credit: Disney+

It remains to be seen whether or not the innovative series will win or lose the hearts of Disney+ subscribers, but we’ll know for sure when the series steps up to the plate in December 2023.

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