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The Reopening of EPCOT: 10 Things You Must Know Before Visiting

With all four theme parks having re-opened at Disney World and guests starting to return, the parks have undergone some changes since guests last experienced them.  It is important to know what to expect when you arrive at the park so you can minimize disappointment and prepare yourself to have a fun and safe time!  Here are ten things to know before you head to EPCOT!


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1. Spaceship Earth Remains Open

When the parks closed in March, Imagineering had already set a closing date for Spaceship Earth for May for a scheduled two-year rehabilitation and refurbishment as part of a re-imagining of the attraction.  As the parks remained shuttered through the spring and into the summer, Imagineers took a hard look at the schedule and the post-Covid world and decided to leave Spaceship Earth open.  Guests can still experience this attraction and say a proper goodbye before it is closed down for the refurbishment.

2. International Gateway Open

With enhanced screening procedures for guests entering the parks, guests should schedule some additional time to get through the gates, but Epcot still has two gates to serve guests.  The main gate allows guests into Future World while guests arriving from the Crescent Lake area or via the Skyliner will be pleased to know that the International Gateway entrance is open and lets guests enter into World Showcase between the United Kingdom and France.

3. Character Interactions Are Different

Disney has slowly been reintroducing characters to the parks and creating ways for guests to be able to interact with them while maintaining appropriate social distancing.  For example, instead of greeting guests at their tables at Garden Grill, Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale walk around the interior ring of the restaurant and wave to guests and will pose for photos while maintaining social distancing.  The face characters that are usually dotting the World Showcase Promenade are still visible to guests as they travel around World Showcase in a character parade. 

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Test Track

4. No Engineering at Test Track

One of our favorite parts of riding Test Track is building a wacky and zany car to see how well it will do with power and efficiency.  However, given the nature of the Covid-19 virus, guests are no longer able to design their own car.  Regardless of our car design, we still love hurdling towards the final curve of the track at 65 MPH, so we are confident that guests will still have a good time!

5. La Cava To Go

Some guests enjoy heading into the Mexico Pavilion and finding a table at La Cava del Tequila and enjoying a delicious margarita and some snacks; however, guests are only able to get their drinks to go at this point in time.  You can still grab a great drink, but will just have to enjoy it while you are walking around.

6, Extended Food and Wine Festival

Since Flower and Garden Festival was cut so short, Disney is welcoming back guests and enticing people to Epcot with an extended Food and Wine Festival that will be the longest ever.  The Festival began on July 15th when the park re-opened and will run all the way through mid-November.  One of our complaints in recent years are the HUGE crowds that accompany the Food and Wine Festival, so guests visiting this year will be able to enjoy very small crowds along with great food and drink!

 7. New Stuff Slow Down

The new attractions and experiences that are coming to Epcot have been paused while the parks re-open.  Some of the projects that are further along will continue to completion like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, while others will take longer to reach their completion or may be re-shuffled into Disney’s plans.  For example, the Mary Poppins experience in the United Kingdom has been paused while focus is put on attractions and experiences already in motion.

8. No Strolling the Promenade

Food and Wine usually always conjures images of guests grabbing food and strolling around World Showcase while enjoying the snacks.  However, with the issues that the pandemic is causing, Disney has modified their policy that requires guests to remain masked unless they are actively eating or drinking.  While doing that though, guests are required to stand still and enjoy their snacks and their drinks before putting their mask back on and continuing on their way.

9. No Concert Series

The last part of the Food and Wine Festival that guests enjoy is the Eat to the Beat Concert Series.  However, given the reduced capacity of the parks, as well as restrictions of crowds being able to congregate, Disney has cancelled the concert series for this year, but guests will still be treated to various entertainment options at Epcot throughout the festival.

10. Must Have a Disney Park Pass

Last but not least, you’ll want to ensure you have a Disney Park Pass for the select day you hope to visit. Disney no longer offers park hopping, so your EPCOT visit will need to be planned in advance. No pass? No entrance. To reserve a Park Pass, visit the MyDisneyExperience App.

We’ve heard it said that a bad day at Disney beats a good day anywhere else and we are confident that is true.  Even with these restrictions, Disney has always championed the guest experience and will constantly be innovating how guests can enjoy their time at Epcot until things can return to normal!

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