The Top 10 Places to Eat at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

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A lot of people go to the parks to experience the rides or to see the attractions. A small minority of people enjoy going to the parks to snack on the delicious food that Disney has to offer. There are tasty treats in all of the parks; favorites that everyone runs for after passing the gates, but the Magic Kingdom offers a fantastic offering of places to eat! Here are the top ten places you’ll want to stop by and some of the menu items that you’ll want to try the next time you are in the Magic Kingdom.

10. Westward Ho

This wagon is located in Frontierland as you walk towards Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It serves a variety of snacks and frozen drinks. This is definitely a place to hit while you’re on the go and just need a quick snack. You can choose from corn dogs and popcorn. If you are looking for something a little more classic, keep walking back towards Liberty Square and grab a Mickey pretzel!

9.  Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

This counter service restaurant is located in Tomorrowland, just on the border with Fantasyland. The food offered here is classic theme park food – burgers, chicken tenders, salads, etc., but you’ll also enjoy the wide array of seating that Cosmic Ray’s has to offer, as well as the vocal stylings of Sonny Eclipse, an Audio-Animatronic alien, that serenades guests as they enjoy their meals. It is also a nice choice if you need to get off your feet and cool down before braving more rides and attractions!

8. Columbia Harbour House

Located in Liberty Square is highly underrated. It offers chicken tenders and salads, but also a variety of seafood – fried shrimp, fried fish, and even a delectable lobster roll. It offers plenty of seating on two floors overlooking Liberty Square and the Rivers of America. You can even try and snag a seat at a table that looks into Fantasyland. My favorite meal at Columbia Harbour House is the lobster roll – it offers a good amount of lobster for the price and is definitely filling!

7 . The Plaza Restaurant/Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

These two go hand-in-hand because after having a wonderful entrée from the Plaza, you can order ice cream from the ice cream parlor next door. The Plaza offers classic American fare in a sit-down setting. I enjoy the Plaza for many reasons. First, it is generally easy to get a reservation. Additionally, the Plaza offers a wonderful view of the Hub and Cinderella’s Castle – if you go for a late dinner, you may even be able to watch some of Wishes from your table! The menu has some great options, but the real treat comes in the prices (most entrées are under $17)!

6. Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

This unassuming window location sits at the end of the bridge taking you from the Hub to Liberty Square and serves up all manner of things delicious. During the morning hours, you’ll definitely want to save room for a waffle, covered in Nutella, and topped with seasonal fruit and some whipped cream! If you stop by later in the day, you can also pick up a selection of chicken and waffle selections that are sure to make your stomach happy. Lastly, you can also get funnel cakes and ice cream at any time to satisfy your sweet tooth.

5 . The Friar’s Nook

Located in Fantasyland, the Friar’s Nook offers some inspired choices for “walking around food.” Aside from hot dogs, Friar’s Nook once offered some delicious takes on macaroni and cheese. Recently the menu has been reworked to boast loaded tater tots! If we’re honest, the mac and cheese was by far our favorite over the tots. That being said – tots! Yum! The current offerings are Buffalo, Fiesta, or Greek loaded tots. I like being able to grab them quickly and eat on-the-go so I can keep the fun going.

4. Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern offers a wonderful family-style, all-you-care-to-eat platter when it is open. Featuring pork, turkey, and beef, as well as delicious side dishes, any dinner at this restaurant feels like it is Thanksgiving because of the menu. You will also enjoy the theming that this restaurant has to offer, allowing guests to sit in one of five dining rooms themed to the colonial period and the Founding Fathers! Much like the Plaza, if you time your dinner reservation correctly, you may be able to see some of the Main Street Electrical Parade going by the windows.

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3 . Big Top Souvenirs

Located in Storybook Circus, I love going here to get baked goods. You can get anything that is made at the Confectionary on Main Street here as well. Cookies, caramel apples, marshmallow rice treats – any of them can satisfy your sweet tooth! In addition to the treats, this is one of the best gift shops in the Magic Kingdom and is generally not terribly busy.

2 . The Crystal Palace

Any meal at the Crystal Palace is fantastic! In addition to being a buffet, it is also a character dining experience featuring Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet. The variety of food is big and there is certainly a lot there to please everyone in your family. I prefer the breakfast because you can get into the park before opening and all of the food is truly delicious!

1.  Sunshine Tree Terrance/Aloha Isle

Lines are drawn between these two places that serve the signature desserts of the Magic Kingdom. Regardless of your allegiance, no trip to the Magic Kingdom is complete without a Dole Whip or a Citrus Swirl. In a situation such at this, it may be best to be undecided so you can have a serving of each!

What is your favorite food place in the Magic Kingdom? Which place to you have to go to every time you’re at the park?

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