The Top 10 Walt Disney World Ride Views

Splash Mountain

When you climb aboard a ride vehicle for any attraction at Walt Disney World, you are entering a thematically-catered view of what the Imagineers want you to see. What you see help tell the story, as well as immerse you in the ride environment and story. Between the four parks, there are many wonderful views for guests to experience when riding a ride, but here is our list of the top ten ride views at Walt Disney World!

10 – View of Frontierland from Tom Sawyer Island – Tom Sawyer Island in Frontierland is a hidden treasure by itself, but the view of Frontierland from over there is amazing. You can see the entire land from Tom Sawyer Island and appreciate all of the details in the abstract and all at once, as opposed to as you walk through the land. While you can still hear the screams of happy guests from Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, they are muted, and the views, especially of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are completely different than what you can get from Frontierland.

9 – Soarin’– even though this ride view is projected onto a screen, the view guests experience of California are wonderful. From the forests to farmlands, oceans to Disneyland, you get to see all of the wonders of the Golden State. We are very excited to see the views that will be shown after the upcoming refurbishment of the facilities and of the projection. We are confident it will be stunning!

8 – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad offers stunning views of the Rivers of America as well as Tom Sawyer’s Island as guests are flung around the track. The ride itself is vastly different when ridden during the day or at night, so if you have time on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom, try riding it twice – we like the views you get off the surroundings just a little bit more at night!

7 – Expedition Everest – there are two great views that guests are treated to on this ride. The first is of the entire Disney property at the summit before the train goes backwards. It is wondrous to view so much of the property from that vantage point. The second view is of Animal Kingdom as you exit the Forbidden Mountain – that view passes by quickly, so you have to take it in fast!

6 – Summit Plummet – Summit Plummet is one of the three slides located on Mount Gushmore at Blizzard Beach and is the highest one there. Once you get to the top of Mount Gushmore, you are able to see miles in every direction and can see all of the property – you can spot resorts as far off as the Contemporary and Grand Floridian, as well as spot all four of the parks! Many guests will miss this view, but if you are enjoying a water park during your trip, you may want to consider adding this one to your list!

5 – Splash Mountain – this is one of our more favorite views if you catch it at the right time of the day or night. Right before your log drops into the Briar Patch, guests are treated to a magnificent view of Cinderella Castle in the distance – this view is best seen first thing in the morning as the sun is still moving over Tomorrowland or at night and the castle is alight. If you time your ride correctly, you may even score a view of Wishes framing for view!

4 – Dumbo – one of the most classic views of the park is from one of the Dumbo elephants. Guests are treated to a view of the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland. The view is one that can be controlled by the guest by raising or lowering the ride vehicle, but we particularly like the all-inclusive theming the ride gives guests. Trees block your view of the other part of Fantasyland and the only views guests can take in are from Storybook Circus – this truly makes you feel like you are a part of a country fair with a variety big top tents!

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3 – Kilimanjaro Safaris – guests are treated to views of animals on this ride – no ride is the same as the animals move around, but if you are lucky enough, you might get extended face time with a giraffe or see a prideful lion standing on his rock or see zebras walking in front of your caravan. The views are best in the morning since the animals are more energetic in the morning before the heat takes over!

2 – Tower of Terror – we prefer the view of the Studios at the top of the ride just as twilight descends on the park. It makes the ride even more enjoyable and adds to the spooky theme of the ride. Make sure you ask a Cast Member for one of the front row seats so you can soak in the entire view.

1 – Tomorrowland Transit Authority – the TTA gets the top spot because it offers so many wonderful views. Guests are treated to a spectacular elevated view of the whole of Tomorrowland, as well as a view of Cinderella’s Castle and the inside of Space Mountain. It also gets top billing because the ride is so relaxing and rarely has much of a wait to enjoy!

The ride views are a very important part of the overall experience that guests have while at Walt Disney World. The next time you are on your favorite ride and take a moment to figure out what is your ride view. What ride views are your favorites?

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