The Ultimate Disney Dining Checklist – 10 Restaurants You Must Try At Walt Disney World Resort

SciFi Dine In Theater

There are a lot of features that make Walt Disney World a one-of-a-kind place, and food is definitely one of the highlights. Snacks, entrees, and desserts can be found all over the parks and resorts, making delicious meals easy to access. Here are ten places to find fantastic Disney food—and great experiences!

10) The Crystal Palace. This restaurant is known for its Character Breakfasts, so there are usually children there, meaning that adult couples might want to seek another restaurant for a quiet breakfast. However, the food is of course satisfying, and the décor of this “Palace” really lives up to its name. Check out “10 Things You’ll Love About Eating at The Crystal Palace.”

9) Rainforest Café. Yes, there are Rainforest Cafés outside of Walt Disney World, but eating a late-night meal at this restaurant is somehow far more thrilling when you know that the real wildlife is just outside. If you’re feeling ambitious, order the Sparkling Volcano for dessert—and be ready to share!

8) Sleepy Hollow. This eatery may be counter-service, but its location next to Cinderella’s Castle gives you a unique view. The funnel cakes don’t hurt either, so take a few minutes out of your Disney day to stop by and eat some fried dough as you see the castle at one of its extra-magical angles. This experience is particularly memorable at night, when Cinderella’s Castle is lit in a variety of colors!

7) Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. This Hollywood Studios restaurant simulates a drive-in movie for its guests, complete with cars for visitors to “ride” in and old black-and-white science fiction films. Both children and adults can enjoy this throwback—and the home-style comfort food on the menu!

6) ‘Ohana. The bread pudding with banana-caramels sauce is more than enough reason to visit this restaurant at the Polynesian Village Resort, and so is getting to embrace the Polynesian atmosphere for dinner. This restaurant’s menu may not be huge, but the food’s quality guarantees that you won’t be disappointed!

5) Biergarten Restaurant. This restaurant gives visitors a memorable combination of German dishes like spätzle and more familiar dishes like macaroni and cheese, along with a uniquely German setting! There are a lot of great places to eat in Epcot, and Germany should certainly not be forgotten.

4) Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. This restaurant is one of the first ones in the Magic Kingdom, and it deserves such a prime location. With an authentic Italian setting comes incredible Italian food (especially the lasagna), so take your time here and enjoy! If you’re not in the mood to eat Italian, Tony’s also offers options like calamari and Caesar’s salad. Keep an eye out for all of the references to The Lady and the Tramp—children will love them!

3) The Animal Kingdom Lodge. You may not have a room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but you can still visit it for the food! Boma offers “Flavors of Africa” in a buffet setting, while Jiko “The Cooking Place” tends towards the more formal side, and Sanaa offers visitors a superb view of the animals outside. The African themes do not stop at the décor (or the giraffes), so there are plenty of authentic foods to try–but, like most Disney restaurants, there are also more familiar options on the menus. Each menu is different, but, of course, each menu is also excellent—so good luck picking a favorite!

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2) Chefs de France. This restaurant is located in Epcot’s France, and its food is more than worthy of a reservation. From delectable cheeses to a duck that is quite possibly the most succulent meat ever cooked, this menu offers every kind of French cuisine, cooked by real French chefs—and it shows in your food.

1) 50’s Prime Time Diner. All of the fancy or foreign cuisine in the world can still be beaten by traditional home-cooked food—and the 50’s Prime Time Diner excels in this area. With black-and-white television shows, waitresses that do not hesitate to scold you for bad manners, and a completely family-friendly menu, this diner is definitely in the running to be the best Disney restaurant. Make the peanut-butter and jelly milkshake a priority!

Picking ten restaurants out of all the Disney dining amenities seems almost impossible, but these ten are definitely worthy of a visit! There are also plenty of special dining options, such as the Jiko Wine Tasting at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Whether or not you choose to enjoy any of these special opportunities, the restaurants will still provide you with the wonderful service, reliable quality, and Disney magic that visitors have come to expect from Walt Disney World. Avoid starting your diet until after your vacation; for now, just grab a fork and enjoy! You may also like “Top 10 Fine Dining Options At Walt Disney World.”

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