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Five Things to Love About Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House is a popular Magic Kingdom quick service restaurant known for its seafood dishes and nautical theming. Located right at the intersection of Fantasyland and Liberty Square, it’s a convenient place to stop for a bite while touring the Magic Kingdom, and on hot days especially, its large indoor dining area is particularly inviting. But there is lots to love about this Magic Kingdom staple, so let’s take a look at everything Columbia Harbour House has to offer.


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The theming of Columbia Harbour House outdoes many of the park’s quick service restaurants with loads of details offering nods to the nautical culture of years past. Named for both the actual schooner Columbia and the ship of the same name at Disneyland , Columbia Harbour House offers a fun look into historic nautical lore. All around the restaurant Guests can spot items like anchors, helms, driftwood and artwork depicting various historical sailing ships.

Something for everyone

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While the focus of Columbia Harbour House‘s menu is certainly seafood (of the more fast food variety) the menu does offer something for all kinds of tastes, making this a great place to stop for a quick lunch while pleasing the whole family. The lobster roll, grilled salmon, fried fish combo plate (with battered fish, fried shrimp, and chicken nuggets served with french fries), and grilled shrimp skewer are popular items among Guests looking for seafood, but Columbia Harbour House also serves some tasty chicken strips, a mixed greens salad, and a delicious plant-based “crab cake” sandwich.


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The affordability at Columbia Harbour House really shines through for the kind of food that is served there. The lobster roll for instance is currently priced at $16.99, and while (as a New Englander…) I can assure you it is not on par with say, a lobster roll with meat freshly shucked in Maine, it is certainly a deal with a theme park seafood dish, and a much easier price to cope with for a unique lunch dish in the Magic Kingdom. (It isn’t half bad, too! I’m obviously biased with lobster rolls, but for $16.99 the price at Columbia Harbour House is spot on.)

Indoor dining area

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There are a couple of major perks to the dining area at Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom Park. One is that there are lots of tables. With two floors and multiple rooms, plus a variety of larger and smaller tables, you can often have luck finding a table here even on busier days in the park. But the best part of the restaurant’s dining area is up on the second floor.

One of my favorite “secret spots” in the Magic Kingdom, I always look for the room off to the side of the second floor with the large windows that overlook both Fantasyland and Liberty Square. This little seating area is often quieter than the rest of the restaurant and it offers some spectacular views of the park.


Columbia Harbor House

This might sound like an odd thing to love about Columbia Harbour House, but when you gotta go, you gotta go! And, there are no public restrooms in Liberty Square to keep with the theming of the colonial area lacking indoor plumbing. Only the restaurants in Liberty Square have restrooms, so if you happen to be dining at Columbia Harbour House, you might as well use the restroom while you’re there! (If you forget, the Tangled restrooms in Fantasyland are very close by, I really just wanted to include the anecdote that there is technically no “indoor plumbing” in Liberty Square!)

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