Three Disney World Rides That Desperately Need a 21st Century Upgrade

Disney World Ride Upgrades

Disneyland Resort in California and Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has had the same Pirates of the Caribbean attraction since they debuted. There have been a few upgrades over the years, like the addition of Captain Jack Sparrow and the movie franchise of the same name. But on the whole, they have remained the same. The same goes for Disneyland Paris. Now, look at the 4-D masterpiece at Shanghai Disneyland.

Earlier this year, it was also announced that Tokyo Disney Resort was going to close its Space Mountain and completely update it to be a completely new ride with the same sci-fi spirit.

While I know that we need to respect the history of Disney attractions, especially those made by Walt and his original team of Imagineers, I believe that there are some attractions that could use a good dash of 21st Century magic to bring them up to another eye-catching level. Over at Disney World, here are my top three choices.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain

Space Mountain in Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom. Credit: Disney

I spoke on this one before, but this is worth mentioning again. When I got to experience Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, I immediately saw how this was a modern-day version of Space Mountain in a lot of ways. From the reverse launch to the pivoting ride vehicles and the fact that the ride scaffolding was no longer necessary, I can’t even imagine how amazing Space Mountain could be if it got a complete overhaul. At the very least, we might actually be able to stick our hands in the air without fear.

The Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion at Night

Credit: Disney

The Haunted Mansion is another one of my favorite attractions, but I can still see how completely revamping it with modern technology would take it to the next level. Imagine the upgrades that could come to the dinner party scene and the graveyard party. I’m not saying that it should be changed to fit the upcoming movie. I’m saying that the story as it has always been, combined with a technological facelift, would do wonders for the beloved attraction. If anything, the changes would give it a ride factor again in the eyes of most Disney Adults, and they have something to focus on besides mastering the Ghost Host monologue. I submit Mystic Manor as an example of the potential we could have in Florida.

“it’s a small world”


Credit: Disney

With all of the problems this poor ride has been facing over the past year, it is only right that we give it a total facelift. After seeing how Imagineers were able to dress up Peter Pan’s Flight, there is no doubt that a similar cosmetic—and perhaps technological—change to “it’s a small world” will keep the happiest cruise to ever sail sailing on sail. Of course, we would remain respectful of the mastery that the original Imagineers put into this, but new animatronics, at the very least, are desperately needed.

The only problem is that these untouchable rides remain the same because of the Guests. So if we, the Disney Fanatics, can let go, who knows what Imagineering magic can be set before our eyes.

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