Cast Member Blocks Little Girl’s Hug for Winnie the Pooh, Gets Backlash

Disney Character Interactions
Credit: TikTok @iamdanireeves

It has been over two years, and pandemic-inspired restrictions continue to play a prohibiting part in people’s lives. At Disneyland Park, a Cast Member gave one excited little girl and her mother an awkward reminder that despite the theme parks being seemingly near normal capacity, social distancing being no longer enforced in many areas, and face masks being no longer mandatory, there are still some restrictions keeping the normal magic at bay. Like, not being able to hug the characters.

A Tiktok posted by user @iamdanireeves shows her daughter spotted Winnie the Pooh walking around the Park. The little girl does what one might expect and runs to give Pooh a big hug. But she is completely blocked by the Cast Member.


C0vid sucks! My daughter was so embarrassed and upset after this 💔 #disneyland #MaiselChallenge #MakeItGucci #covidsucks #SephoraLipLooks

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The video was shared on Twitter and sparked several comments about Disney’s policy.

One person tweeted,

“Can’t imagine how awful a Disney vacation is these days. The one place on Earth that’s supposed to remove you from reality is now wonderland of reminders of Covid where you’re told “can’t do this and you can’t do that'”

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Another said,

“The way the woman runs over to stop the girl like she’s carrying a knife is absolutely ridiculous. What this virus has done to some people they will never recover from mentally.”

Another parent chimed in and said,

“The same thing happened to my son. He loves Spider-Man and was excited to meet him. But the Spider-Man wouldn’t let him get close. He tried to run up and Spider-Man pointed to get back to the white X. I’m glad my kid was too young to understand.”

As restrictions continue to lift, it is only a matter of time until fans are allowed to hug their beloved characters again. The questions that remain are will that time come sooner or later, and which Park will be the first to return this loving side of the magic?


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