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Too Cute to Handle! Disney’s Cutest Character Creations

Disney has produced plenty of cute character creations over the years. Some of these irresistible cuties were first introduced to us in movies while others came on the scene via television shows. Some sprung into being by way of another form of original Disney entertainment/park introduction altogether. One thing that can’t be denied, though, is their unanimous standing for being absolutely adorable! While it can be argued that the majority of characters produced by and affiliated with Disney are very loveable in deed, there are still those that tickle us with their adorableness more so than others. Here’s a list of some of Disney’s favorite character creations that are just too cute to handle!

27. Duffy the Bear

This cuddly teddy bear is a unique example of a beloved Disney character that didn’t get his start in movies or television. Duffy first emerged on the scene as a direct product of Disney Parks, having originally been created for the Once Upon A Toy store in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) back in 2002. Since then, he has made the move to EPCOT and later gained popularity at other Disney destinations, including Tokyo DisneySea and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. The original story behind Duffy’s creation was that Tinker Bell formed him after giving Mickey’s face to a faceless teddy bear. But the more recent and more popular backstory is that Minnie presented Mickey with a teddy bear (in a duffel bag) to have with him on his travels so that he wouldn’t get lonely. Whatever your experience with Duffy may be, you can’t deny that he’s downright adorable!

26. Lucky the Dinosaur

This other cutie creature creation without ties to any former Disney movies, television, or other forms of entertainment was a marvel in innovation when conjured up by Imagineers back in 2005. As Disney’s first-ever free-roving audio-animatronic dinosaur, Lucky stands at an impressive eight feet in height but denotes a gentle and compassionate persona only highlighted further by the flower cart he pulls along behind him (which is secretly the source of power for his movements and vocalizations). While eight feet may not be very large in comparison to bigger and often times less approachable prehistoric creatures of the day, Lucky remains a sweet Segnosaurus—loved by all who have ever had the privilege of making his acquaintance. Lucky made his debut at Disney’s California Adventure Park, later making the trek to DinoLand U.S.A. at Animal Kingdom Park in Disney World. He later ventured over to Hong Kong Disney and has, on occasion, made special appearances at other venues (Disney and non-Disney alike). He still operates in his entirety, most recently interacting with those pursuing Backstage Magic Tours through Adventures By Disney.

25. Arlo

Another prehistoric cutie not to be overlooked is Arlo from the 2015 Disney·Pixar film The Good Dinosaur. Of course there are plenty of other adorable key players here as well, including Spot—the unintentional trouble-causing cave boy Arlo eventually befriends and serves as somewhat of a mentor and guide to.

24. Snowgies

Who would have thought snot could be so cute? Yet that’s the case with the Snowgies, alternately known as “Snow-Babies.” Having first been introduced in Disney’s Frozen-themed short Frozen Fever, these snuggly little snowmen were born from Elsa’s uncontrollable urge to sneeze throughout the short, with more and more being sneezed into existence as a result. Also note that these tiny balls of fluffy snow make an appearance in Frozen II.

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