Top 10 Classic Disney Foods for Your Dining Bucket List

Candy Apples

Walt Disney World features some of the most delicious food you’ll ever eat, some of which are only found at Walt Disney World. When you visit, these are just some of the delicious foods that any Disney fan should have on their bucket list:

10.) Character Candy Apples

At Walt Disney World, the Candy Apples are not just delicious: they’re also Mickey Mouse shape and decorated with different Disney themes. Fun for both kids and adults, you can get a Candy Apple that not only tastes like heaven, but can look like Kermit the frog or have a Frozen theme. These are a must have anytime you visit!

9.) Turkey Leg

Turkey legs are a fan favorite, and should be on any one’s bucket list. They have a rich aroma and are full of savory spices that will make your mouth water. These are a classic snack at the Disney park, and they’re perfect for sharing size; it’d be pretty hard to eat one by yourself!

8.) Churros

These warm, cinnamon delights are absolutely scrumptious, and are a crowd pleaser for toddlers and adults alike. Not only are these light, crunchy churros fun to eat and easy to enjoy, but you can sometimes get them in special souvenir buckets shaped like characters. Who wouldn’t want to eat churros out of R2D2?

7.) Mickey Pretzel

Mickey Pretzels are fun to eat and fun to look at! These warm, salty pretzels are made to look like Mickey Mouse’s face, which makes eating them more fun than eating any other pretzel. These snacks are perfect for little ones, because they’re easy to eat and easy to clean up after. Any Disney fan must have this on their bucket list!

6.) Frozen Chocolate-covered Banana

If you’ve never had a Frozen Chocolate-Covered Banana, then you’re seriously missing out. These are my Dad’s all-time favorite snack at Walt Disney World. Not only is there a perfect balance of fruitiness and chocolatey delight, but many comes with peanuts on them, giving them a delicious crunch factor. These are a must have for any guest!

5.) Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Filled with vanilla soft-serve ice cream and covered with rich milk chocolate, these Mickey shaped bars are the perfect treat on a hot day in the parks. These classics are some of the most popular treats in Walt Disney World, and should be on every Disney fan’s bucket list! These treats are especially popular with kids, because they’re yummy and fun to eat!

4.) LeFou’s Brew

While this drink is relatively new to Walt Disney World, it has quickly become a classic treat. Found only in Gaston’s Tavern in the Magic Kingdom, this fruity drink includes frozen apple juice with a hint of marshmallow topped with passion fruit-mango foam. You can even get this drink in a souvenir mug with either Belle or Gaston on it!

3.) Mickey Mouse Waffles

Not only are the Waffles at Disney made to perfection, but they’re also shaped like Mickey Mouse! These warm, sweet waffles can be topped with syrup, fruit, or whipped cream, all of which are delicious choices. Mickey Mouse waffles are the best breakfast item found in the parks, and should be on every Disney Guest’s bucket list.

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2.) Popcorn

The popcorn at Walt Disney World is addicting. Made to be light and crunchy, this classic snack is an absolute must for any Disney fan. It’s the perfect snack to enjoy while watching the fireworks at night, and it’s easy for kids to eat. Walt Disney World is somehow able to get the right combination of butter and salt in order to find the perfect recipe for popcorn. I would recommend this for any guest attending the park!

1.) Dole Whip

This snack is probably one of the most popular in the park, and is a classic. This soft-serve ice cream is made with sweet pineapple to create a refreshing, light treat for everyone to enjoy. You can also get a dole-whip float which has pineapple juice in the cup with the soft serve ice cream. Either way, just talking about it makes me want one right now!

All of these classic Disney treats are part of what make the parks so special. Even if you have tried all of these things, you should always try at least one again every time you go, especially since many of these treats are only found in the parks!

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