Top 10 Places To Sit and People Watch in Disney Parks

People watching is always an interesting activity, especially at Disney World. You’ll see people having fun, people having meltdowns, people from different countries, and possibly people you know! Luckily, Disney World has some absolutely picture perfect places to sit, relax, enjoy the scenery, and of course, people watch. Here are what we would consider the top ten places to sit and enjoy the show!

10. Resort Beaches

There are several beaches around Disney property, and although they may not be the best for “people watching” per se, they are great for relaxing and taking in your surroundings.

9. Disney Resort Lobby

Resort lobbies are amazing for so many reasons. For one, they are just beautiful to look at. But they are also the perfect place to people watch, especially if you are waiting for someone to finish checking in!

8. France Pavilion

The France Pavilion at Epcot is one of my favorite places to be. It just has that certain “je ne sais quoi”, if you know what I mean.

7. Hollywood Studios Streets of America

The Streets of America are always filled with people, so there are generally always people to watch. You may even catch some real characters!

6. Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover

Probably my all time favorite people watching location of all time, the People Mover takes you up high and slowly drives you around Tomorrowland. It’s the perfect place to glance down at the people below!

5. American Pavilion Fountain

The American Pavilion is another lovely pavilion at Epcot. I mean, they all are really, but this one is great for people watching. Sit by the fountain and just relax. You may even catch a little show!

4. Liberty Square Riverboat

It’s more than just a boat, that’s for sure. You get to see things that you can only see from the boat. Don’t forget to wave to the people on land!

3. Italy High Top Tables

If you’ve been to Epcot, you know what I’m talking about! Grab a glass of wine, have a seat, and enjoy Sergio, the Italian juggler!

2. The New Magic Kingdom Hub

With recent updates to the Magic Kingdom Hub, it has become the perfect place to sit and enjoy the day, while watching all the people pass by.

1. Magic Kingdom Train Station

Right after you exit the train, don’t walk downstairs, grab a chair and a table and relax up top. You can see all the excited guests meeting characters down below. It’s literally the best spot to people watch.

Whenever you need a break and want to people watch for a few, there are definitely some great places to do so! What are some of your favorite places to sit and people watch?

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