Top 10 Snacks at Epcot’s World Showcase

Funnel Cake

Some people like to drink around the world at Epcot’s World Showcase, but did you know you can also snack around the world? Read below our top ten snacks at Epcot’s World Showcase.

10. Churros – Mexico: Churros are a classic treat that are delicious, but also a good treat for when you are on the go walking around Epcot. These can be purchased at the Cantina de San Angel in the Mexican pavilion.

9. Fish and Chips – United Kingdom: Fish and Chips are a classic English dish. This is a snack that may be difficult to move around with. However, the United Kingdom is a great place to stop and enjoy this snack. There are many areas to sit and enjoy England. You can purchase this snack at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

8. Falafel – Morocco: Vegetarian options are not always easy to find, however, Walt Disney World is becoming more and more vegetarian friendly. The falafel at Morocco is one of those yummy vegetarian snacks. Falafel is a fried pattie of chickpeas. It is served on a bed of lettuce and onions. You can find this snack at the Tangierine Café in the Moroccan pavilion. This café has many other yummy snack options and also offers indoor and outdoor seating.

7. Strawberries and Cream Macaroon – France: How can you make a macaroon better? Add ice cream! The strawberries and cream macaroon is a real treat that combines two of my personal favorite desserts. You can find this treat at L’Artisan Des Glaces in the France pavilion.

6. Gelato – Italy: Gelato is a classic Italian dessert and it’s delicious, like it came straight from Italy! There are many flavors available, gelato chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches and even adult beverages. Gelato can be found at Gelati in the Italian pavilion.

5. Caramel corn – Germany: At Karamell-Kuche you can find one of the most unique caramel corn popcorns around: popcorn covered in Werther’s caramel! This is a sweet treat that is easy to eat on the go as you explore all of Epcot’s World’s Showcase!

4, Funnel cake with ice cream – America: I don’t know about you but funnel cakes take me back to my childhood, there were always one of my favorite treats at the state and county fairs. It would make since that you would find this delicious snack at the American pavilion in the World Showcase. The funnel cakes here are amped up because they come with a slab of ice cream on top. The first time I saw this treat, I thought it was a slab of butter! It is a slab of vanilla ice cream, and it adds a special detail to this already delicious snack.

3. Pot Stickers – China: The Lotus Blossom CafĂ© is a great stop for quick service and a quick snack in China at Epcot. We recommend the pot stickers, they aren’t really a snack for on the go, but the cafĂ© is beautiful and a great place to sit down enjoy the architecture and beauty of the Chinese pavilion in Epcot.

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2. Sushi – Japan: The Kabuki Café is a great quick service stop to pick up a delicious Japanese snack. The Kabuki Café offers sushi, like a California roll, temari sushi and even edamame. We recommend the sushi rolls for a unique snack on the go!

1. Troll horn – Norway: The Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is one of our favorite places to stop for a snack in Epcot. My personal favorite is the troll horn. The troll horn is a pastry filled with cloudberry jam. Cloudberry jam is unique to Norway and specific berries you can only find there. The jam has just a bit of tartness that compliments the sweetness of the pastry shell. This is my favorite sweet snack at Epcot and I recommend everyone trying one at least one time!

These are just 10 of our favorite snacks at Epcot’s World Showcase. Do you have any that we missed? Comment below and let us know your favorite snacks!

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