Great Photographs To Take While Visiting Walt Disney World

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Everyone knows the best way to save precious memories is through pictures. Walt Disney World has mastered the art of picture taking with all of its Photo Pass cast members and photo opportunities to make sure you have plenty of stills to take home to your family. Here are eleven pictures that you must get on your next Disney trip!

11. At Night During Firework Shows 

From our experience, cast members will still take pictures for your group even when the fireworks shows are going on.  What’s special about their shots are that these Cast Members have had hours and hours of experience getting just the right angles. Their placement throughout the parks are deliberately chosen to give the best memories!

10. In Front of the “Tree of Life”

Exotic pictures with flourishing greenery always turn out gorgeous. How about a picture with a MASSIVE tree in the background? The stunning “Tree of Life” in Animal Kingdom is not to be missed! In this stunning central feature at the park, viewers can take in the intricate carvings and beauty of the swaying leaves– each representing “life”. Depending on the vantage point throughout the park, the tree offers new views and imaginative artwork.

9. Favorite Obscure Characters

Who’s your favorite lesser-known Disney character? Characters have random meet-and-greet spots and times, but if you can catch them, it’s a picture you will not regret in the long run. There are pictures of people with Clarabelle, the Cow, Cruella de vil, and even Smee (Captain Hook’s best mate)! These characters are not often easily viewed and their locations are not readily shared. If you happen to find one, it’s truly a special memory!

8. In Front of Cinderella’s Castle

Here’s an obvious one, but it’s the pictures that always end up being our favorite. The Castle truly looks in the background (especially at night). Don’t forget to get a selfie in front of the castle too; those are so cute and personal.

7. Polynesian or Beach Club Resorts

Not able to take in a beach while you’re in Disney World? Why not hop on a bus or the monorail to visit these beautiful resorts and get a quick beach fix.  The beaches are these resorts offer stunning views and make fantastic iconic Florida photo memories!

6. “Magic Shots”

In many places where cast members take pictures, you can usually ask to add a “magical touch” to your photos. The Cast Member will make sure you’re in the correct pose, and it will be added after your photo is taken. We loved pictures of guest holding Tinker Bell. We have also seen pictures of people with Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, Mickey and Minnie, or even holding butterflies! Note: If you have the Memory Maker, Disney also now offers fully-animated Magic Shots! There are certain spots around each park where those can be taken and added to your picture. (Epcot: Behind Spaceship Earth, Hollywood Studios: On Hollywood Blvd, Animal Kingdom: Bridge Near Expedition Everest)

5. Mickey Mouse

There are many places to meet Mickey and grab a picture with him, but a favorite is when he is wearing his magician’s outfit at Town Square Theatre. During the character meet-and-greets make sure to take that opportunity to video your family’s interaction with the characters! This is one of our favorite things – while the Cast Members are taking the staged photos, grab those sweet interactions between your children and their favorite costumed Disney characters.

4. In Front of Mount Everest

The best spot to catch this beautiful mountain in the background of your photo is the bridge near Expedition Everest itself. A Cast Member is set up there usually. It’s a great and scenic spot to capture a photo that will stand out in your vacation album.

3. Hollywood Boulevard

As you walk into Hollywood Studios, don’t forget to stop and take a picture with the Chinese Theatre in the background. This is another shot that is great to take at night when the Theatre is lit up. Note: While construction on the new Mickey and Minnie’s Run Away Railway is on-going, the Star Wars stage has been set up in front of this location. You can still walk behind the stage and capture some creatively angled shots of the theatre, however!

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2. In Front of Spaceship Earth

Spaceship earth is an architectural wonder, and always looks marvelous in pictures. There are several angles you can take with it in the background, but our favorite spot is immediately upon entering EPCOT. Note: There is a Cast Member usually set up BEHIND Spaceship Earth ready to grab an amazing image of your group!

1. France Pavilion

This could honestly be for all World Showcase Pavilions. France is just my favorite and I feel is portrayed the best in pictures. This is also best when you’re with just you and your sweetie because of how romantic France can be. Sit down at one of the small shop tables and take a sweet picture while you drink in the French atmosphere.

Hope you are able to capture all these pictures and more on your trip to Disney. Show us your favorite pictures from your last trip to see The Mouse in the comments below!

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Photo courtesy of Disney Photo Snapper

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