Top 12 Questions You Should Ask Disney World Cast Members

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Cast Members make Disney World go ‘round. They’re working when you’re playing, they’re making sure you stay safe, and overall they’re making sure you have a magical time. Disney World equips each one of its cast members with knowledge to help you with anything you need throughout your stay with them. Here are twelve questions to ask cast members that will make your stay ten times better!

12. May I see your pins?

Go ahead and jump on the wonderful pin-trading train! It’s fun, easy, and the cast members you get to interact with are phenomenal. Even if you buy a starter kit with only about ten pins, you’ll still have so much fun. Cast members will trade with you no matter what (as long as you are trading a Disney pin).

11. Where are you from?

If you want to put a smile on your own face and the face of the cast member you’re talking to, ask them where they’re from (especially the cast members who are college program students). They’re away from home and more than likely miss it, and giving them a chance to talk about their stomping grounds will make their day. Definitely ask the CP students in the World Showcase Pavilion; it’ll be the most interesting conversation you’ll have all day.

10. How are you?

It never ceases to amaze me how rude guests are to cast members. These cast members work extremely hard in the hot sun all day to make sure you have a fantastic vacation, and the least you can do as a guest is acknowledge them and give them a smile. Remember, most of what cast members hear during their days are complaints, so let them know when they’re doing a good job too!

9. Can you give me directions?

Tired of looking at a map? Disney cast members are trained to be as helpful as possible, and you will save so much time if you just buckle down and ask someone instead of wandering around hoping to stumble upon your next FP+ selection. Extra tip: Ask a custodian if you see one near you. Custodians have the ability to move throughout the park more than other cast members and if they’re not extremely busy, a lot of custodians will actually walk you to what you’re looking for.

8. Do you have any sales going on right now?

Something I have noticed is that sales at merchandise stores vary. Just to be safe, I always ask if there are any sales going on that I don’t see advertised anywhere. I’ve gotten lucky several times with some good deals that I would’ve missed!

7. Are there any promotions going on right now?

On a similar note: Disney loves its promotions. While you’re planning your Disney trip, talk to cast members beforehand on the phone and tell them when you’re going and ask what promotions are offered during that time. You may find that you want to switch hotels or to a different meal plan because of a special deal that they are offering.

6. Are there any ride refurbishments happening?

This can be a question you can ask in advance over the phone, or in the parks. This is for you to know ahead of time, so when you get there you will not be disappointed that something isn’t open. There was a whole summer in 2007 when Haunted Mansion was shut down for refurbishment, and I’m sure the guests that didn’t know in advance were pretty upset once they got there. Be mindful as well that sometimes rides are just shut down because something wasn’t functioning properly. This happens often on the older rides like Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean. Be patient with cast members in those situations because they may know that a ride is shut down, but a lot of times they have no clue how long it will be out of service. If you have a FP+ reservation for that ride, and they haven’t already given you an exchange FP, go see guest relations and kindly ask if you can get a new one.

5. Are there any upgrades available?

Disney surprises people all of the time with the kind of upgrades you can get if you just ask (especially if you’re celebrating something special). Of course, this is touch-and-go, so you’re not always going to get perks somewhere, but it never hurts to ask! Sometimes it may not be an upgrade, but it could be something like a free dessert or drink! This happened often when my husband and I were on our honeymoon; just don’t forget to tell them!

4. What’s the best place to sit for the parade/fireworks?

Cast members know the parks up and down. There are so many spaces that they know about that most people don’t. Ask somebody and see where it leads you.

3. What restaurant would you suggest we eat at tonight?

There are all kinds of places that may not be on your radar that cast members love. They’ll also probably tell you what to get too. This could be a great way to get to know a cast member and also find out about a place and a menu item you’ve never tried before.

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2. Do you have a favorite attraction you think we might have missed?

Once again, cast members are there all the time. They see the stuff that guests miss. There are a ton of things to see and do that cast members would love to tell you about. Remember, they want to make your day magical! They won’t steer you wrong.

1. What is the monorail repair schedule?

I would ask this question in advance before you go, or on your first day. Ask one of the cast members at the hotel you’re staying at. Even if the cast member you’re talking to doesn’t know, they will find someone who does. Then you’ll know when to go resort and park hopping, and when it’s best to avoid it.

I hope that these questions truly make your stay easier and more enjoyable. Do you have any questions you think are worth asking cast members? Let us know in the comments below!

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