Top 15 To-Dos At Epcot

With so many attractions, Epcot might seem intimidating; here are fifteen essential experiences!

15) Visit every country in the World Showcase. This task is particularly convenient, since you can visit each country simply by walking in the full circle of the Showcase. If you have enough energy and time, stop and enjoy the shops and performances in each country—or at least the food!

14) O Canada! If there is anything that can be considered a cinematic attraction in the World Showcase, it is the park’s Circle-Vision 360° films. Canada’s film features comedic actor Martin Short and provides you with a stunning, 360-degree view of the country’s landscapes and cities. As an indoor attraction, this intriguing and entertaining film also lets you escape from the sun!

13) Living with the Land. Epcot is not just a place to absorb different cultures and histories; it is also a place to recognize Earth’s beauty and importance! On this ride, experience a behind-the-scenes journey into Disney’s conservation efforts and the technology behind modern agriculture. There are also plenty of aquatic creatures to capture children’s interest!

12) FriendShip Boats. With so many countries, the World Showcase can feel overwhelming sometimes. You may find yourself groaning at the thought of heading to France from Mexico, but the FriendShip Boats are a wonderful way to traverse the World Showcase, view the countries on a grander scale, and enjoy some shade!

11) The Gran Fiesta Tour starring The Three Caballeros. As one of America’s neighbors, it seems only fitting that Epcot visitors should learn more about Mexico—and learning in the company of The Three Caballeros makes this ride all the more enjoyable! Colorful scenery, historical settings, and three comedic characters combine to create a wonderfully light-hearted ride.

10) Reflections of China. Like Canada’s Circle-Vision film, this attraction presents visitors with a full-circle view of Chinese landscapes and cities, as well as an informative look into the country’s history. Although this film may not be as funny as its Canadian counterpart, beautiful music and a signature elegance make for a memorable glimpse into this major country.

9) Eat at the Biergarten Restaurant. Authenticity is one of Disney’s signature features, and this is particularly apparent in Biergarten. True to German form, this restaurant’s food combines tradition with comfort, making for a spectacularly satisfying menu!

8) The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats. Acrobats are expected to perform incredibly impressive and entertaining feats—and this troupe is no exception. Their intensity—and skill—make for a truly thrilling performance that will leave you awestruck!

7) Eat at Chefs de France. When imitating a country that is known for its food, Disney has a lot to live up to—and it succeeds spectacularly! Just make sure that you have reservations for this restaurant, since you will not be the only one to recognize the menu’s quality.

6) Street performances. There are many of these in the World Showcase, and they offer everything from music to gymnastics to comedy. Take the time to pause for these; you won’t regret the experience!

5) Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Ellen DeGeneres is always a source of laughter, and her involvement in this attraction makes it all the more entertaining! Learn about the science and technology behind modern energy as you travel with Ellen—and Bill Nye the Science Guy—on a trip through time. This attraction combines film and animatronics, resulting in a delightfully unique and informative experience!

4) Soarin’. This ride usually involves a long wait—and for good reason! Soarin’ provides visitors with a virtual flight over a variety of real-world landscapes and awe-inspiring views. If you have ever wanted to fly, this is your chance. The flight’s authenticity is also enhanced by the smells of each landscape; pay close attention to your nose during the ride!

3) Spaceship Earth. Because this ride is located inside Epcot’s iconic sphere, it is one of the first attractions that you will come across in the park. As a relaxing animatronic ride, Spaceship Earth helps visitors explore technology through our ancestors. This ride also reminds visitors of basic history and culture on a global scale, making it the perfect segue into the World Showcase.

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2) Stay until nightfall. Most people will be drawn to Epcot by the IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth show, but there is far more to see in Epcot at night than fireworks. Like other Disney parks, Epcot seems to transform in the darkness, creating a far more exhilarating, romantic, and liberating atmosphere. The cooler temperatures don’t hurt, either!

1) IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. As mentioned before, this fireworks spectacle is often seen as Epcot’s major highlight, and it deserves the title! After a full day in the park, IllumiNations serves as a perfect conclusion to your explorations and discoveries, encompassing everything that Epcot has to offer in a spellbinding display of lights and fire.

Epcot is bursting with potential experiences, and this list can help you absorb them all!

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