Top 7 Reasons I’d Rather Be At Disney

Cinderella's Castle

Do you ever catch yourself day-dreaming about walking up to Cinderella’s castle or riding the monorail? Maybe enjoying some “Disneyfied” treats or relaxing at a Disney resort hotel? Walt Disney World has so much to offer; you might find yourself wishing you were there more often than you let on. So whether you are vacating somewhere else, or just going about the normal routine, here are some top reasons you’d rather be at Disney!

7. The entertainment options are endless. Disney is obviously more than an amusement park. Guests certainly can expect attractions at the parks to thrill all ages, but within the entire resort are dinner shows, guided tours, restful beach fronts, well designed character meet and greets, and special seasonal events to simply name a few. There’s no way to ‘do it all’ on one trip (or even 100 trips!), so you’ll need to plan ahead and decide how to best enjoy your stay. And just planning is enough to make you feel like your experience has already begun – in some ways, it has!

6. Each dining experience offers delectable delights. Meals never feel like a chore at Disney and half the fun is deciding where to eat next! Each restaurant is specifically themed to maximize the enjoyment of gathering around the table. Enter into the colonial times at Liberty Tree Tavern (at the Magic Kingdom) or savor the African flavors of Sanaa (at the Animal Kingdom Lodge). Enjoy buffet feasts, convenient counter service or perhaps explore multi-cultural dining around the countries of World Showcase at Epcot. Whether at resort hotel or a theme park, you will always have the option of finer dining or more economical selections to meet your party’s hunger needs. Make a reservation and go soon!

5. The theme park environment is magical. When you visit Disney World, you know you’ll be transported to just that – an entirely different world. The experiences available provide a storied backdrop, inviting a welcome suspension of belief. Upon entering any of the four parks, it’s really ok to drop the everyday cynicism and embrace childlike wonder. The attractions offer a chance to revisit the tales you grew up on while going to great lengths to stir the imagination of your little ones. Where else is that available?

4. The resort hotels offer immersive charm and diversity. Each Disney owned property boasts its own creative design. In unique ways, these resorts offer upscale environments that fit the specialized theme. The Wilderness Lodge feels like the most lavish national park resort you could ever imagine visiting. The Polynesian Village Resort embodies the island spirit in every way possible. Each moderate to deluxe resort offers at least one signature setting to sway your choice of stay – from pools to fine dining to overall atmosphere. The value resorts also make it affordable to stay close to the parks with that special Disney touch and theming. Why would you ever want to stay somewhere else?

3. The cast members are part of the show. Good employees are hard to come by. In every industry, you will inevitably find and interact with people ‘just doing their job,’ oftentimes with joyless routine and impersonal apathy. But Disney, of course, wants to do things differently. With excellence, they train their ‘cast members’ to preserve the magic at all costs. This means that guests are expected to share less than magical occurrences when they (inevitably) happen with upper level management so that the guest experience will be made right. You can trust that care will be offered during your visit with character and personality. And more often than not they will throw extra magic your way, maybe when you least expect it!

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2. The shopping experience is fun and convenient. Disney is smart. They know you will want to take the magic back home with you in some form. And they make it as easy (and unapologetic) as possible by including gift shops around every corner and part of the exit of many attractions. They also provide the Package Pickup so you can shop with ease and not carry around your items all day long. This free service allows you to ship your items to your hotel resort (sometimes room!) or the front of the park where items were purchased. Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) is specifically devoted to the shopping experience and has many eclectic shops to satisfy the collective desire for Disney souvenirs.

1. The overall ambiance transports you to exciting realms. If there was one thing that Walt Disney valued it was attention to detail. This has translated to the amazing parks and resorts that he continues to inspire. Walt Disney World specifically embodies this, as Imagineers improved upon the original design of Disneyland to control the environments surrounding the theme parks. This ensures that when you have entered the happiest place on earth, you know it. In each park, you will be absorbed into the beauty of their fantastical lands. With the smell of the candy shop wafting through the air, the vintage big band sounds of Main Street U.S.A., and the glint of traditional streetlamps, you will wish you were back the second you have left! Wouldn’t you rather be there right now, instead of finishing this article?

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