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I believe there's magic everywhere and love Story in all of its forms. Disney has impacted me from childhood, helping to instill in me the lost art of wonder and imagination. Having spent time as a cast member and now as a professional communicator, I long to inspire others with those same values. A few of my favorite Disney things are Fort Wilderness, extra-magic hours at the Magic Kingdom, and the nostalgia of EPCOT Center. My wife and I recently traded the Walt Disney World mountains (Space, Splash, Everest, Big Thunder and Mount Gushmore) for the mountains of Tennessee but writing about the Disney experience helps keep the magic alive!

Disney Then and Now – 10 Ways Disney World Has Changed Over The Years

Building in Florida just got more difficult for Disney

After the opening of Disneyland in 1955, Walt Disney set his sights on Florida so he could create a whole new world of possibilities. In his own words Walt said, “There’s enough land here to hold all the ideas and plans we could possibly imagine.” Walt Disney World was to be an ever evolving land of progress and has undergone ...

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10 Essentials You Should You Have With You In Disney Parks

Animal Kingdom

The saying “chance favors the prepared mind” is relevant to your experience at the Walt Disney World Resort. You will definitely want bring some essentials to make the most of each day you spend on Disney property. Don’t leave experiencing Disney magic to chance! Here are the most important items to bring with you through the entrance gate: 10. Comfortable ...

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How To Do Magic Kingdom Right – 10 Things You Should Know

The Magic Kingdom is practically synonymous with Disney World. It is the most visited park and also the busiest. These tips will help you explore and make the most of your trip to “the most magical place on earth!” 10. Fast-Pass + the most popular attractions! Waiting in line for every attraction will waste precious time and you might not ...

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The 8 Best Resort Hotels on Disney Property

The Walt Disney World Resort combines theme park experience with immersive luxury nearly impossible to find elsewhere. When deciding on where to stay on property, you really can’t go wrong! Each resort hotel offers something a bit different, but there are a few that are a cut above the rest. Here are the best places to stay based on overall ...

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The Ultimate Disney World Vacation Checklist – 20 Things You Must Do!

Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth! Disney magic comes with endless possibilities and thrilling opportunities . The hardest part about visiting this magical kingdom is making the most of your trip (and subsequently making those hard earned dollars count)! Here are 20 experiences (in no particular order) you absolutely must do for the ultimate vacation experience! ...

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The Top 30 Experiences ‘Newbies’ Must Have At Disney World

So you have never been to Walt Disney World or are about to take someone who hasn’t yet set foot in the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ – the options are endless and probably overwhelming! When signing up for attractions and experiences on the FastPass+ system, you’ll want to plan ahead and make the most of every second. There’s no way ...

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7 ‘Satisfactual’ Facts About Splash Mountain

The crown of Frontierland, Splash Mountain is a refreshing mix of excitement and classic ride-through storytelling. We all know the view at the summit is breath-taking but here are some little known but satisfactual facts about the Magic Kingdom’s thrilling water ride. 7. Splash Mountain is inspired by the controversial movie, “Song of the South.” Interestingly, as with almost all ...

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7 Amazing Facts About The Walt Disney World Railroad

Disney Railroad

One of the great reminders you are in the happiest place on earth is the sound of the train whistles of the Walt Disney World Railroad. Riding the rails is a can’t miss experience at the Magic Kingdom and here are just a few reasons why: 7. Walt Disney had a personal passion for trains! One of Walt’s earliest jobs ...

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8 Controversial Changes At Disney World

cinderellas castle _ disney world _ controversial changes

Change is inevitable. Walt Disney himself said: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Yet more times than not, change is difficult to accept. Here are some of the more controversial changes that have been made through the years at Disney: 8. Changing Or Closing ...

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Top 7 Reasons I’d Rather Be At Disney

Do you ever catch yourself day-dreaming about walking up to Cinderella’s castle or riding the monorail? Maybe enjoying some “Disneyfied” treats or relaxing at a Disney resort hotel? Walt Disney World has so much to offer; you might find yourself wishing you were there more often than you let on. So whether you are vacating somewhere else, or just going ...

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